Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday of Labor Day weekend...

Nature at its in town! Nope...there aren't any obvious creepy things...I'm sure they're hiding in there, but at least that's the decent thing for them to do!
When the produce manager at that store where I started quit, I started begging 'Mr Whipple' to let me have that department. At first he laughed at me, said "You aren't 'muscle-y' enough! No way could you unload trucks!" I DID only weigh 98 lbs then. But I kept bugging & begging & pleading for at least a chance to try it! So he brought a big skid up front and said "Okay...pick that up and carry it to the backroom...then we'll see." OMG! I did it, with lots of panting & huffing & puffing & sweat. But I did it, so he kept his word (amazing), and gave me some rudimentary explanations of what to do, like do orders every other day, unload trucks at least 3 times a week, then put it all on display on the racks, and any extra had to go in the cooler in back. No problem...hahahahaha! He forgot to mention that the first thing I had to do in the morning was pull anything off the rack that wasn't super fresh. Then throw it away...the last thing to do at night was trim and bag an extra cart full of lettuce for people to put out at night. Yeah...I had absolutely no clue how much work was involved, but I did it. Just because a department manager was a full time job, paying 4.50 an hour. Jeez, I was RICH! And, by the way, I gained 10 lbs almost immediately because I did build muscle, and I weighed 108 lbs from the time I was 20 till I was 40! That was the BEST job ever! It's evolved 100% since then, plus if the department is big enough, there are more people, not just 1!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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