Wednesday, August 26, 2009

too many fun things to write about, too little time...

...Yup...this is Ohio, where there's a barn in the backyard, almost in the middle of town...and I love it!
The middle house is on the Underground Railroad street, and the bottom house is just totally eyecatching! When's the last time you saw a house with that many windows in it?
When Tif & I moved to our 2nd apartment, it was the coolest in the world! Cheap enough for me to afford on $3.50 an hour, part-time, 30-some hours a week! Luckily, I learned quickly how to be a cheapskate! lol! Naahhh, Mom & Dad were there for me for anything, especially if it was something Tif wanted/needed! And I got a great babysitter for her a few blocks away. I had to get on that gov't program that paid the babysitter, but I couldn't have asked for a better one! Heck, I even got a Christmas card from her & her family last year! The kitchen in that house was pretty big, and I didn't have a dining room table, so Mom let me have an old wooden table that we'd had at their house forever, and 4 metal chairs, and I took that out in their yard & painted the table white, then "splatter-painted" the table with red, blue, yellow, & green paint, & painted each chair one color. That was the first & only creative thing I've done, & I was quite proud of it...
When I was begging for more hours at work, the manager, who was quite the 'Mr Whipple' looking and acting guy, started letting me close the store a few nights a week. It wasn't that big a deal back then, because I really don't think there were as many 'wanna-be criminals' running around then. Or if there were, I got damn lucky that I didn't run into more! Every night I had to close, there was another cashier working with me, & a stockboy, usually Phil, who was the most fun to work with & looked like a bodyguard, but he was in high school. And he lived at home with his mom & dad in their house...right across the street from my apartment! That worked out really well, cuz we'd always go drop the money off at the night deposit at the bank, and go over & get Tif at her babysitter's, & go back to my apartment. And Phil would go walking across the street to his house, singing as loud as he could "Weee-Ay-Ya-Ya-Woo-Ooo..AH Weembowet...the lion sleeps tonight...". I'm sure all the neighbors knew when it was my nights to close...and, thank God, this was before most stores were 24 hours! We closed at nine!
Once, the cashier & I had all the stuff done up front and were yelling for Phil, cuz we were ready to leave, but he was nowhere to be found! I finally went to the back room to look...he was back there swinging around on the pipes & stuff at the ceiling, doing the monkey sounds & scratching under his arms & all. Yeah...who's gonna yell at a guy like that, even if he did make you late cuz he was screwing around?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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