Thursday, August 06, 2009

August 6, 2009!

Okay, I'm in a good mood today, and all I feel like doing is laughing at stupid shit! Seriously (or not?), not only am I sitting here laughing my ass off at Two & A Half Men, I'm also finding quite a bit of humor in the commercials that are on. Like the Geico one where the branch falls on a windshield and asks "What? You waiting for an apology? Well, toss another coin in the
wishin' well, pal!" Hahaha! That's even better than their caveman commercials!
This was the episode that Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) was on & that reminds me...he's 61, & performed at the Sturgis Harley Motorcycle Show this year...and fell off the stage!! I called my cousin Boo yesterday and asked if her dad (my uncle, of course) went to it this year, and she said not this year, he was having a knee replaced. He does usually go every year, though. Yup, this is Mom's 'baby' brother! And he's a Harley ridin' farmer! ;-) Could've been worse though...a couple years ago, Elton John played there!
I was at the doctor's office today for a test, and it was so quick I couldn't believe it! I was out & at the front desk asking them to call the bus early for me, and the woman said "That was wham- bam, thank you ma'am, wasn't it?" I looked at the guy sitting there beside her, winked, & said "Just the way I like it!"
So when the bus came to take me home, I had them take me to Certified (for donuts, not smokes!), then I HAD to stop at the Jer-Zee for a chocolate/mint milkshake! of these days I'll hafta try choc/marshmallow! They have a gajillion flavors of milkshakes there, and you can mix any of them. They even have lime milkshakes!! Not just lime slush...lime milkshake! Kinda Eeeeeeeeewwww!
Bro called today, & we were talking about health and all that shit. And I told him that I'm glad I'm not a guy! I'd have a baby every week rather than a prostate exam! He says "You'd rather have a baby than have a doctor stick his finger up your butt?" I laughed & said, well...I've heard that there are guys that like that...(in our young, uncaring days we called them 'pillowbiters').
Bro & his wife are going out with their youngest daughter to Arizona in a few weeks for her to go to college at ASU. That's really cool! I know she's gotta be super-excited! So this is the youngest of four kids, She's the only one going to college outside Ohio. I think she's taking photojournalism. How neat!
Okay...I need food...again...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!
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