Thursday, August 20, 2009

stuff that happened looooooooong ago...

All these pictures are on the street that the Underground Railroad houses are. The bottom picture is the house that my best friend, Kim lived in when we first started hanging out in 8th grade. The next one up was a bed and breakfast for awhile. And the top two are a museum (a 'you-see-um', as I used to call them when I was little) that has a lot of stuff from Marion a long time ago.

I was thinking about how much fun it was to be a single mom with Tif, when she was little. I know it sounds like a lot of work & struggle and all that. Well, it was...but c'mon!! Honestly, I had already left Tif's biological dad, & divorced him, so, since I didn't want to move back home with Mom & Dad (that would be like admitting they'd been right all along, since I'd started dating him when I was 16...and he was 27...perv...). They did everything they could to stop this shit, I'll never say they didn't! But, the best thing in the world was Tif!! She was worth every bit of everything!
Anyway, I'd never had a job, so I had to go find one...Mom & Dad both told me to go work in the hospital...hmph, probly should've! But I got a cashier's job at the local grocery store, around the corner from Mom & Dad's. Incidentally, that was the store Mom always took me to when I was little, we always walked everywhere together (well, she walked...I trotted...I was only about 3!!). But once when I was older, about 8, she drove in her car (a blue Ford Fairlane...I remember the fins!). I went through the back part of the checkout lane, and I stole a pack of bubblegum, and when we got out to the car, Mom made me take it back in & give it to the manager, & apologize. Didn't everyone have to do that once?
Wow, what a digression! So when my childhood friend told me to go there and apply, I did. She was the girl I was friends with first, she & her mom & dad lived around the block from me...and she was the youngest of 8 kids! A great family, My older brothers were friends with her older brothers too! When I applied, the manager said he wanted to hire me, I just needed to go up to their main office in Findlay, and take the test they give people at first. An honesty test & math test. I was afraid they'd know me from the time I stole the pack of gum! But, no, I got the job! While I was in Findlay, I walked downtown past a drugstore, and there was a baby Snoopy in the window that had a baby blue hat &'s so unbelievably cute!! I can say that, because it's here! I re-inherited it when Tif moved out! I might, maybe let her baby have it...but we'll see. ;-)
Once I had a job, I got an apartment about a block south of Mom & Dad''s, in a real haunted-feeling part of town. It was a nice apartment, it was in a huge house that was split into 4 apts, each one had an upstairs & downstairs...and an attic, which mine was horribly scary. There was a padlock on the door~! I tried my house key in it, and it worked, so my friends & I went up to check it out. And on one wall was a hand with the fingertips on fire and the number 13 on the palm! So, yeah, we all came thundering down the uncarpeted stairs, and relocked it with the padlock, and never went up there again!! So, that was mine & Tif's first apartment.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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