Friday, April 18, 2008


What a disapproving look!! I thought my Grandma (Mom's Mom) had that patented, but, obviously, she's been duped!

And, now, THIS is just WAY CUTE!!

For some reason, Boo & I ALWAYS got that disapproving look. She especially got it when she entered & won the Greased Pig Catching contest at the county fair up there. Grandma acted like she was humiliated in front of all her friends from church, but, you know what? I bet she was secretly proud!!
Actually, they named him Pork Chop, and ate him a few weeks later!! lololol!
I still remember the time I stayed with Boo when we were little, on a Friday night. We got up Saturday and watched our Bugs Bunny cartoons, and ate Cheerios for breakfast. Then Boo's mom (my aunt, of course) took us to the grocery store. Boo & I were acting really goofy & stupid, the way you do when you're staying with a cousin you have fun with, but don't see enough of. We went past somebody's shopping cart, and Boo, for some reason, decided to pick the box of Cheerios out of that lady's cart...while she was looking!...and announce "Hmmmmm...THIS looks familiar!!" Only a couple of 7-year olds...
I have a question. To anybody who's ever been in or to a psych ward at a hospital...just because of what it's called, you'll automatically think a certain way about the people, and if you ever talk to them or listen to them, you'll find they're exactly like you! Which begs the question...are they normal, or are you psychotic? Just wondering...
Okay! It was finally sunny & warm today, and I took my scooter out finally! I am so out of practice with that thing. Not that I drove it bad, it just wore my ass out!! I went to Certified and spent my $25.00 gift card from Christmas...on CHOCOLATE!! And other assorted know, blue & white gummy sharks, candy necklaces, frosted animal crackers, Fritos, etc.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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