Tuesday, April 15, 2008

more thinking....

Okay, I'm eating Nutter Butters 24/7. (In between meals, of course.) This should help!

Last night my 2 brothers and I went to Mom & Dad's house, and we started kinda dividing some of the furniture up.We got through some parts of some rooms...not far, but 4 of the couches, 2 bedroom sets, some hutches, some tables, one rocking chair, a big screen tv, etc...Still have most of the first floor to do, though...then the basement! Tif & I brought home a huge 50 lb box of my old school papers, reports, birthday cards, EVERYTHING from when I was in the first through 7th grade!! Boy, did we get a huge laugh out of that! And, might I add...all of the school papers had A+, Excellent, Perfect, etc on them! Tif even brought me home my baby bracelet from the hospital when I was born, tonight! The other night when I was over there with Bro & bigger bro, I drank a beer and actually felt better than I have in years! I even had better balance!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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