Tuesday, April 08, 2008

i missed april fool's day!!! oops!~

'Welcome to the Hotel California...you can check out any time you like....you just can never leave".

Love that song...'course, did the Eagles ever have a bad song?

See the picture of the kitten & the dog? I'm hearing that in the background right now, with Truman and Lilly...nahhh, they actually get along pretty well...as long as there's no physical contact from Lilly...then she gets hissed at!

Been away for a week...I guess everybody deserves a 'break' sometimes, right?
Lilly just got new toys...and a couple of them are stuffed animals! She has a pink teddy bear that squeaks, and a squid...pink too, of course! And we're all trying to teach her the difference between when we say 'Get me the squid!' and 'Get me the bear!' She's getting pretty good at it, I must say...we're actually jealous of my uncle's dog (Boo's dad)...uncle gave his dog a plastic elephant once, and would throw it and say "Get me the pachyderm!" And he always does. Impresses the shit out of people who don't realize how our family is with words! We're all crazy about words.
Okay, I'm gonna go, I'm really trying to keep to my schedule of going to bed by midnight, and eating three meals a day (I weighed 92 lbs last Monday, 94 lbs today, so I'm going in the right direction....
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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