Monday, April 21, 2008

dr appts all over the place!

Would she be the new "crocodile hunter"?
That cat looks exactly like Truman!!

And this one is just scary!!

Okay, I've been having weird realistic dreams lately. The other night, I dreamed that I was about 10, and up at Kyle & Joel's house (my cousins)Joel was a few years older than Kyle, he was killed when I was 15, cleaning his gun after hunting, it went off and killed him. That was the first person I knew and loved that died, unneccesarily. I'll never forget him, he was , well, I know this will sound strange to say about an 18 year old guy, but he was just naturally kind. I'll never forget how nice & patient he was with me & Boo on the Sundays we went to Grandma's, and we'd be bored and nag him to do something with us, so he's take us upstairs (us little kids weren't allowed up there by ourselves...ever since we soaped the windows up there on the inside...remember?). So he'd take us up there and let us look for comic books, or coloring books, or real books. Or he'd get Kyle & have him come outside with us, and we'd all play tag or hide-and-seek. There really weren't many places besides Grandma's farm that were better to play hide-and-seek at, with hundreds of acres, creeks, patches of woods, a big tree that had fallen down into a creek a long time ago (we called it Sewer Road, cuz it stunk there), the big red barn, the chicken, just anywhere!! It was always fun to play with "the big kids". (Kyle was about 2 years younger than Joel, and I was 1 year older than Boo, and 2 or 3 younger than Kyle).

Also in my dream, I was up at K & J's house, it was on the outskirts of their town, and they had a huge 2-or 3-story barn.On rainy days, we'd play in the barn there, because they had made the second story into a basketball court, and it was FUN!! ...or we'd play hide and seek there, their backyard was huge, and the barn was part of the hide and seek area!

The other dreams were more like 'memories', of when I was a produce manager...the most fun job in the world, in the 80's!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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