Friday, April 25, 2008

luck? a blessing? don't know...

Okay, everybody, I have to shamefully admit something. Truman's picture that's on here is also at Oh, I'm hanging my head in shame. Would this count as 'prostituting' my cat out?
And, wow,!

Well, I told you I have dr appts nonstop for, it seems like forever. I was trying yesterday to have Dr Stone's assistant with her in Cleveland, set me up with iv steroids...not a f'in' chance! She said that she and Dr Stone haven't seen me since Mar 07 (like, WTF, do they think I'm better now?) grumble, grumble...but she had the appt people call me first thing this morning, and the earlieat they had for me was MAY 23!! Of course I did some of my most pathetic voices on her, said my ms has NEVER been this bad in 14 years, I fell out of my wheelchair twice this week for God's sake!! But nope, she said that;s it. ...I got off the phone & just ranted & raved, cried, begged God to take me home (my idea is, if He did it, it wouldn't be suicide per se.) Neither would any handy axe murderer. They seem to be in short supply these days...
Anyway, I called the psychologist I see here every day (Mon-Fri, 6 hrs a day!'s a group thing) and told him I couldn't make it for awhile, I WANT to fix my head, but my body needs it more right now! He understood that 100%, which was great!
After that, I called Dr Stone's receptionist, & told her I couldn't get an appt til May 23...I had told her yesterday what my symptoms were, & why I REALLY wanted the steroids now. Robin is the most amazing receptionist I know!! She said, "AAwwww, Libby, give me an hour to work some of my magic. I'll calll you back, okay? Just sit tight (I was gonna jog around the block, but...)" She called me in half an hour, and now my appt's next Wednesday at 10:45!! I screamed Oh, Robin, I LOVE YOU!!! Wouldn't you??
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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