Thursday, May 01, 2008

didnt go...& random other crap...

...because I cancelled it, cuz it was in the middle of the week, & really too bad of a time for anyone to take me, but that was okay, cuz my psychiatrist had doubled my cymbalta dose up to 60 mg/day, and I actually felt like living and fighting this shit again! So I called Robin, & canc cuz I couldn't get a ride there very easily. I just kept my late May appt...I'll just wait for that, cuz, no matter what anyone might say, I'm NOT a demanding person (contrary to one person's belief...)
So don't ever say antidepressants don't work, yeah they do, if they're the right ones at the right dose.
So, I haven't been doing a lot this week, just hanging out & eating! At least I'm gaining my weight back! Chocolate & Nutter Butters again!
Now I'm pretty pissed at myself, cuz I just looked at the weather report for the next few days, and I didn't get out today, and it's supposed to rain for the next 3 days! Shit!
Tif made asparagus at dinner tonight, and it was good! I like asparagus, anyway, but she NEVER did! She even used to put ketchup on it to try to make it taste good (bleeaahh!) I'm not sure where she got the recipe, but it put it on a cookie sheet and it has sweet & sour salad dressing on it & grated parmesan...really good! She's SO much a better cook than I EVER would be!
I finally watched American Idol last night...oh my God! I'm in love with Jason!! He is hot!! And all that hair! Good for grabbing on to! lol!
Man! I am totally random today!
I've been drinking a lot of Vernors (ginger ale?) lately. Maybe that's what's wrong...ADD, ya know...oh, wait! I already take 2 ritalins every day. Maybe just laziness.
I got one phone call & one email so far from people in my graduating class to ask if I was going to the 25-year reunion!! Holy shit, am I THAT old already??? The funny thing is, that I was never close with these two people then! Didn't have anything against them, just didn't hang out with them.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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