Saturday, May 31, 2008

..these are the things in my neighborhood... (sing it!)

These clouds kinda show how fast the weather changes here in central Ohio! These were all taken within a half hour of each other!!

This is my normal 'boring, routine' way of the east...tomorrow, if it's nice out again, I'm going west. All the stores I go to

are on the eastern edge of I went to Rite-Aid to pick up an rx..klonopin...and all I owed for it after ins was 61 cents! Holy crap! So, I got a few other things we need around here...ended up spending $50! That'll be enough of that!
Then I came back home to drop the stuff off, then I just HAD to go to the Jer-Zee (kinda like a Dairy Queen...but better!), and get some shredded chicken sandwiches, and I got myself a grape slush...I LOVE grape-flavored anything!
On the way, I went past Joe's house, since it's right down the block (he's hot, I'm tellin' you! wish I had the last 20 years to do over...of course, the tv preacher, Joel Osteen, says that God can put you back to do something over....I'm hooked on Joel Osteen's show!! you'dve never guessed that!) Anyway, Joe's got a bunch of stray cats hanging around outside his house, and there was one male orange & white cat that was SUCH a sweetie!! He meowed more & louder than any cat I've ever heard! And he came right over to me and head-butted me to get petted!
I read a real interesting thing in the new Stephen King book I got yesterday, "Duma Key". A guy in the book is talking about a devastating part of his life (including, bad health, his wife of 25 years walking out and divorcing him in the middle of it.,..)...he says "At first you're afraid you're going to die...after awhile, you're afraid you won't." hmmmmm...
I was thinking about when I was running the last produce dept I ever worked in, in my favorite town, Findlay. We had bananas on sale that week for 19 cents a pound...however, my regular supplier out of Fort Wayne, IN, shorted me, and I didn't get the 20 cases I'd ordered..I only got 10, cuz their big stores needed them worse...boy, did they get an earful from me!! Can you say "reamed"? Anyway, I got off my backroom phone with them, And called a small supplier in Toledo that I talked to a few times a week, when he'd call telling me some prices (he owned the place...that's how small it was). My manager was reaming ME because we were gonna be out of bananas in a day, & my next truck wasn't for 2 days. So I saod "I'll take care of it, don't you worry your pretty little head about it...let me get in your office on the phone, by myself...". I called the guy in Toledo, and did whatever kind of begging I needed, to get the price for a case of bananas to match my other price, finally got it, and walked out of the office...said "Jeff, ten cases are gonna be here in an hour, at the same price. Quit whining at me!", cuz every person in the store knew what a whiner he was...He's like, "What?? Did you used to date that guy?" Typical male reaction, right??
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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