Thursday, May 29, 2008

...would you buy stocks, or hold right now???...

Oh! Can you believe this cool-ass sky?? I just about fell off my scooter, I stopped so fast to get this picture at the right place. Okay...I'm boring...but I love taking pictures of clouds & trees &, well, just stuff that catches my eye...but not
so much people...this really doesn't seem to fit my personality, but, whatever works.

I just love trees, that's all!! Oh, and flowers, because I don't have any (I used to have about 8 flats of impatiens every summer, but, not
anymore! I love these around this rock! The lady that lives here said I should come back for sure in a few weeks, cuz she planted a bunch of seeds in her, stay tuned!

...And, no, I most certainly didn't take this sleeping kitty picture! I think of it as God's cat!

Well, we saw the lawyer went ok, til we decided that it would probably be cheaper to take the stuff to an auction house, rather than have it at Mom & Dad's house. Bro & I agreed with the lawyer about that, then Psycho (he's that forevermore!) said "that's not what I was wanting!" Then he slammed his chair down, turned around and stomped out the fuckin' door, slamming it behind him, and the outside one too...Holy mother of God! This is a 55 year old guy!, not a teenager!! So Bro looked at the lawyer, he said "I'll call him & talk to him"...and Bro said, Well, tell him I'll give him $1000 for all his stuff, and me & my son will pick it up there after that. Then we're taking it to the dump, although he doesn't need to know that...

Damn, Bro is GOOD!! It was fun riding in his truck with him today...I kinda felt like a celebrity! Seriously, now I know why he wears sunglasses all the time!! hahaha! Every few blocks we went, probly 4 people honked and waved!

Okay...I only halfheartedly disagreed with them on one thing, whether to sell all the stocks or keep them...I wanted to keep my said that's fine...but look how the economy's going. I asked him to go to the internet and check it now, and gave him the abbreviation for it..he went in the other room & checked it and it was on an upward trend, but I know it could go down just as, who's the "motley fool"? Here to help??

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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