Friday, May 23, 2008

yay!! it's nice out!!

All right~!! It's finally getting nice out and warm enough to get out & ride my scooter around!! That's exactly why I haven't been around on here...the last few days I've been riding around for about 2 or 3 hours a day. So I'm taking today off from that, cuz I figure I'll do a lot more of it this weekend, it's gonna be cloudy today, but sunny & mid-to high 70's all weekend! But I did get some pictures outside & inside...outside, is, of course, trees & bushes...I'm also attaching 2 pictures of the sewing desk (w/o sewing machine...Mom knew I would never use that!!
The picture of the two yorkies up there was neat to take! That lady was so happy with her fairly new dogs, she was telling me they
were sold to her as purebred yorkies, but she thinks they're maybe half jack russells...then I looked up at her hugging on them, and I said, "And you say that makes a difference to you now???" hahahaha! She laughed and said she wouldn't get rid of them for anything now!!
Well, now it's gotten not so 'pleasant' about Mom & Dad's stuff anymore. Bro's having a hard time getting G (biggest brother) to even think about getting his stuff out of their house. I've still got the three big pieces to bring home, which should be done this week, after the holiday...and as soon as I get some, like, plastic bins to store the books in, I'll get over and bring them home! But Bro called G a couple weeks ago, & tried to ask him to start moving his things he has a bedroom set, chest of drawers, tables & chairs for the master bedroom, and all the other stuff he said he wanted, big hutches, like to display china & silver in...anyway, G argued about it, said he didn't have room in his house for it yet til he gets rid of HIS stuff at HIS house. And now we find out that he's planning on putting his old stuff in the auction we're having for Mom & Dad's antiques! BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!!! His crap is NOT antiques, it's yard sale stuff, just 'old', not "antique"! And they had 'words' about that, and G hung up on him. And will not call him back when Bro leaves a message! So, what would you think? Antiques only at an auction, or everybody's old yard sale junk?
So, the attorney we've been working with (Mom's attorney that she always had) called me yesterday, and said the three of us have a meeting at his office next week, cuz that seems to be the only way to get in touch with G. Sad...Bro & I had high hopes after our first meeting. We need to get the house empty so we can sell it......Bro said "I don't need the money, but I know G does, and I know in your situation, you could use it for sure!" I'm so glad the two of us are still totally in agreement on everything! Hmmppphhhh!!

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