Tuesday, February 10, 2009

more fun memories...

...and since these are the only good things I see about Valentine's Day this year...and for the forseeable future...

anyway, I just hafta touch on this bit of politics again...Tinothy Geithner (again!), I think he's going to be the last downfall for this economy. First of all, I don't think he's the "financial genius" he's being touted as. Yeah, he was the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York...so what? Ummmm....well, look at what Obama said last night, and a lot of people are saying today, that these money problems all started during the Bush administration. Timothy Geithner was in charge of the MONEY in the country from 2003 until he got the treasury of the secretary position. So, what made him all of a sudden be the best person to put in charge of the country's money, not just Wall Street?? The fact that he was smart enough to not pay his income tax?? Huh...the last I heard, that doesn't take brains, just cunning!! Because I've known some really stupid people who've gotten away with not paying taxes...but they get away with it because they're just inherently sneaky-ass people...not because they're smart, for God's sake! I've pretty much lost any kind of hope I had for this president. He said he was all about change & hope & all that...the only change I'm seeing is the economy going down the toilet faster & faster. I'm kinda even thinking that tax cuts can't even help now, because, holy shit...you need to have a job to notice any more money on your check every week or two! And I'm hearing about the $7,000 tax deduction if you buy a car. Number one...what bank is going to loan ANYBODY money for a car right now? Number two...if a person has a job at this point, pretty much, they're not looking to spend any extra money right now! How depressing. I guess it's probably a good thing I don't know any more about money. The only thing I know for sure is that the only people I've ever heard say "I hate money!" were the people who have plenty of it! Huh...I LOVE money. And, yeah, I know the root of all evil is that...but at least I'm not lying, which is, I think right there beside it!

Hey, let's talk about old vacations. When I was little, we always went on vacation for a couple of weeks in the summer. Usually it was getting in the car (I got the whole backseat to myself, to share with all my library books!), and driving to, well, wherever Mom & Dad had planned for us. I remember a lot of places, Mount Rushmore was neat! And Wyoming...but that's the farthest west I can remember...most of where we went was on the east half of the US. Mom told me once that we went to New York City, but I definitely don't remember that! I do remember a lot of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, the Liberty Bell, Virginia, Williamsburg, et al.
Among many others...I just had amazing vacations. Hell, I had an amazing childhood!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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