Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday the 15th of the worst weekend of the year...

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my mom's also my 19th wedding anniversary...(hope you enjoy it with Jen, pig) which means I'll always remember that because of what happened with my mom., doesn't it? Oh & learn, right?
Okay...on to something funny (no, this whole story isn't funny!). I heard the reporters on Fox news yesterday talking about a photojournalist that took pictures of the plane that wrecked in the flight from Newark to Buffalo. I'm so sorry for all the people involved. Anyway...the photographer's name was Harry Scull! Say that with your eyes closed! Oh, holy shit, can you even imagine the hell he must've gone through as a child?
I'm not watching any news today, I'm watching "Parking Wars" on A & E! I love this show, it's all about the trouble when you get your car ticketed, or booted, or towed in Philadelphia. I never want to park anywhere in Philly! Next is "The Exterminators"...that's good too, but gross!
Oh well...I'll get back to vacations soon...

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