Saturday, February 21, 2009

yay!! it was sunny today!! (but we'll get a couple inches of snow tomorrow...)

This top picture is the kitchen of the house I grew up in (from now on, I'll just refer to it as 351!). I took all these pictures on Apr 8, 2003; that's 20 years to the day from when I moved out & got married when I was pregnant with Tif, a few weeks before I graduated from high school. I always tried to tell her "yes you WERE there at my graduation!"
Anyway, if I close my eyes, I can see Mom giving Tif a bath in that kitchen sink, like she always did! I don't know if this happens with all grandmas, but I know that every time I'd tell Mom I was coming over with Tif for a while, she'd make me bring all of Tif's dirrty clothes, and Tif, and she'd throw a load of clothes in

the washer, and grab Tif, and pop her in the sink to give her a bath!! And no, we were not filthy slobs! Mom just loved babies, and she was the best grandma!
The next picture is up on the third floor (the attic). That floor had about 6 or 7 rooms in it, and most of them were kinda creepy & scary...I never went up there by myself before I was 12! But that window was in the room I moved up into when I was about 15, and Kim & I decided I needed my own stained glass window up there...and it's still there after 30 years!
Then there's Mom's closet door, where she put my height and the dates on...& that's still there too!! Too cool!
I'm dealing with a lot of bullshit stuff right now. My super heavy-duty battery powered wheelechair isn't working right now. And thank God, right now it's not totally necessary, because I had called the United Seating & Mobility company (where I got it 2 years ago...I think that was the last thing Kev waited for me to get before he moved on!), and they had somebody here Jan 21 to check it out, said it needs a new motor & a new battery...said they'd call when they got stuff together (ins, etc). Well, I gave them a week & started calling. I've been talking to one woman at the Columbus office, and I know her name & extension # there...but, who knows. I do know that she told me yesterday she had talked to my dr's office & the nurse there was SO nice. But, this afternoon I called the nurse & talked to her myself (at least I know her name!), and yes, she's very nice, but said nobody called to get a letter of medical necessity for me (you know, cuz everybody wants a wheelchair just for the fun of it? woohoo...demolition derby, anybody?) So I gave her United Mobility's name & the lady's name & phone # & extension #...then I called one of the women at Anthem BC/BS in Columbus that I've worked with for years (she gives health insurance companies something to be proud of! Seriously! I always hear people bitching about rude insurance people, but she's not one of them!). And she said no, they hadn't heard anything from United, nothing! I asked if I'm gonna be a pain in the ass if I call & check Monday, and she said "Honey, you call me back every day until we find out what's the holdup on this, it's not a problem, I'm here to help you!" OMG...I LOVE that woman!
So, that's what's up here...I'm just glad I'm in for the weekend, it's so frickin' cold out, and gonna be sleet, rain, snow, etc all weekend
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

~~~~~~~~~~ Oh, I forgot to say..."2XXX Libby Lane, was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct while intoxicated."
That was in the local paper tonight...I TOLD you I'm famous! Truly, that street is named after me...G was an engineer at the company that designed & built that development when I was still little & cute!

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