Monday, December 04, 2006

...a blue Christmas...

Yup...I was looking all over for Truman this morning, and I finally found him!! Doofus cat! He decided yesterday that this is his favorite place to be, cuz he can see everything and I hafta get on the floor to see him!

Tiffany always puts the tree together now, and puts all the lights on it, and everything...if even one light isn't in the right place, or one branch isn't bent the right way, she's on it immediately! She and Kevin are both so precise and perfect when they do this...I wouldn't have the patience to be that exact about it, but I'm happy they do! Cuz pretty much, my hands are so clumsy, and shaky, I can't do it anymore. Boo! The southwestern border at the top of the wall...well, the blue parts of that are my pride and joy, because Kevin and I did that in 1993, before I knew I had ms, or had any symptoms, and my hands weren't shaky, and I was standing on top of a freakin' ladder with absolutely NO balance problem, and, obviously my hands were steady! Grrrrr....oh well...I know God never gives you more than you can handle...(but he has to know I'm weaker than this!).

Zak came over while we were putting up the tree, and we were telling him about funny stuff that's happened since we've lived here...such as...

The girl across the street that lived there for the first 5 or so years we were here, that was at one of Tiff's b'day parties, that we had mini pumpkins hidden in the yard with numbers I wrote on 'em,and when the kids found them, they'd run up on the deck, and give them to me, and I'd give the the prize with that # on it. So that girl, she was kinda "big" (around), and she found the first pumpkin, and came running up the steps with it...Kev had the camcorder & was taping the whole thing, and you saw her start up the steps. All of a sudden, she tripped on the top step, and in the tape, you see her running, yelling "yay!", and hear footsteps on the steps "thump, thump, thump" and all of a sudden you heard "ooof" and she disappeared! She was ok, but it was funny as hell! (to us, anyway!). That was like, when she was 6 or 7.

A few years later she had an ongoing feud with a girl on the next street, and they got in a fight across the street, and Tif pushed her over backwards off a brick sidewalk wall, and the 'pummeling' ensued! By both, mind you! This is a good middle-class neighborhood. Two cute little blonds, beating each other up in someone else's front yard! The next day, a "Crime Watch Area" sign was put up by the front of our house! And, 15 years later, it's still there!!

One of the coolest things was when 'Uncle Ken' used to come over in the evenings in the summer & play "Go To Court" (I have no idea how that's played, but it kinda sounds like tag/hide-&-seek type of thing) with all the kids around here, probly about 10, at that time. I actually miss hearing all the yelling & screaming outside in the evenings when there used to be little kids in this neighborhood. I never thought I'd say THAT!!

And when it was Halloween...we made a haunted porch, with all kinds of scary stuff, fake spiderwebs & all...and Kev's brother & sister & their girlfriend & boyfriend used to help, so when kids got up on the porch, there was a 'maze' of cut up trash bags to separate some parts...and there was a different monster-type behind every one! One year we had a microphone on a stand and Jill added some screams in there every so often! Now THAT was funny, cuz the next day at work, customers at the store I worked at were asking me "Did you HEAR that last night?" And those people lived blocks away!

And the first or second year we did it, it was so scary that Tif wouldn't walk through it to go pee, I had to take her around the house & in the back door, and then back out the back door! Of course, she was only 7 or 8...but it was all her relatives, and she had been watching us getting ready!

Or the year that I told her she could hold a bowl of cooked spaghetti behind a stand and tell kids it was where the candy was...she did that, and everybody stuck their hand in and said 'eeewww'...except one little boy, who took a handful and put it in his bag, and said "Thank you!".

Okay...maybe I'll continue this in the next few days...remember, everybody, tomorrow is

Tue, Dec 5
Tiffany Tuesday & Fred Rode, Tri-Rivers

That's cool, it's now on the website!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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