Friday, December 29, 2006

recovered from Christmas.... honestly DID take me a good two or three days to get moving after Christmas!! It was better than all the former ones, though! Every year it just seems like it's better than the long can that possibly happen?
We all went to Bro's house on Christmas Eve for dinner & presents...and we had a lot of fun! Even Psycho was there with Mom, and he was actually being rather sociable! (odd). He actually talked to people! And when Kev, Tif, & I left, Bro, his wife, and all 4 of his kids & his son's girlfriend came up (from the sunken living room) to give us all hugs...and all of a sudden, Psycho popped out from the other living room around the corner, and was shaking Kev's hand, then he hugged me so tight that I thought my whole top half was gonna pop off and bounce down into the fireplace!! They have 2 dogs, one of them is, umm, well, kinda, a regular dog, but she only has 2 legs. She is SUCH a good dog! And their other dog is a teeny little purebred Yorkie or something...and she is the MOST lovable dog (except Jenga!) I've ever met! Even Kev had her on his lap most of the night, and usually the only animal he likes is Truman!
So when we got home, it was about midnight, and Tif took off upstairs to bed (she said she was tired, but I think she was afraid Santa wouldn't come if she was awake! heehee!). Kev & I finished everything (cuz, of course, there's no presents under the tree until Santa comes in the night!), and got to bed about 3 am...but I felt like a little kid myself!! I don't think I slept AT ALL that night!! Luckily, Tif didn't let me down...6 am on the dot, she was crawling in bed with us, "C'mon, guys!! It's Christmas morning!!" Keep in mind...she's 23!! But, ya know, I wouldn't have it any other way. When she was 10-ish, it wasn't just crawling in bed, it was jumping on the bed!!
We went to Kev's mom & dad's about 10 am, and were there all day, probly til 8 or 9 at night! Tons of presents for everyone, and over there, we open presents one at a time, and of course, the 5 year old twins were there, so that was a lot of fun to watch them!!
I called Mouse yesterday, and she said her Christmas was good too...she has a 15 1/2 year old daughter, and she told me that her girl has been nagging & bugging for a brand new car for Christmas. Which in itself is kind of funny, cuz #1, she can't drive by herself, & #2, Mouse is like us, not even close to having that kind of money, for heaven's sake! So, Mouse said she got a set of car keys, and was gonna put them in C's stocking with a note that said "Your car's in the garage", and was gonna buy a Matchbox car & put it in the middle of the garage. Ouch! But she didn't, cuz she thought about it, and figured that her daughter would start crying, and she'd feel like shit, so she didn't. I'm proud of her for not doing it...but I'm prouder of her for thinking of it! I think that makes me mean, though, doesn't it?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Hey, everybody...look what I just found!!

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