Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tiffany Tuesday...

Well, I made it through the 17th...now I'm in a great big hurry to get/give Christmas presents!! Woohoo!! I'm just now watching a movie I forgot to ask for!..."So I Married An Axe Murderer"! I LOVE this movie!!
So today, obviously, was 'Tiffany Tuesday'. It was fun, they were doing a contest by playing a movie line and you had to call in & tell what Christmas movie it was from...the prize was some chocolates from a candy store in town. Tiff immediately announces "Mom! I hope you know that! Call, cuz I want those peanut clusters!!". But, of course, I didn't...it was 'Scrooged', and I never saw that.
And at the end of the show, they had the city's fire inspector on talking about fire safety around Christmas and all. He was saying that candles are very dangerous, and, especially if you have a real tree, keep all heating stuff (including candles!) at least 3 feet away from it. So Tiff busts in with "Does that mean I shouldn't use my candle-lined tree skirt?" :-D!!
Anyway...so is everyone ready for Christmas?? Huh? Huh?? Oh, wait, I have one more question....we never send Christmas cards anymore (a quaint old custom, is what I call it...but that's just me...), but....is it my imagination, or are lots of people not doing them anymore? Like, is life too busy to do Christmas cards anymore? I have absolutely no business saying that, since I don't do 'em anymore, but I just don't do them cuz I can't write anymore...but what's your excuse? haha! But I remember when I was a little kid, Mom spent almost all month doing them, and we'd get probably 50 or more a year. I used to send cards every year, and was pretty good at keeping up on it. I do remember one of the first years Kev & I were married, we were getting Christmas cards almost every day in December. One day, I had just gotten home from work, come in, shut the door, and all of a sudden somebody's knocking. I turn around and open the door, and it's the mailman. He hands me a Christmas card envelope, I take it, and he says "I'm sorry, ma'am, but there's twenty-whatever cents postage due on it...they forgot the stamp, and I have to collect it...". Talk about embarrassment for that guy!! And talk about more laughter about it....the card was from Kev's mom!!! That's gonna be family history forever!
Well, I did order one/two more things yesterday, but I'm totally not even hoping they'll get here before Christmas...I got one pkg yesterday, but, damn, there BETTER be a whole lot more here in a day or two!
Okay...gotta go start making the list of gift cards we still need for people so Kev & Tif can get them before Christmas eve at Bro's! Don't you LOVE when people say that all they want for Christmas is a gift card to XXXX place?? I know some people like presents to be more personal, but..well, you know, if it's someone who doesn't know for sure what they want right now, but they know where they want to get stuff, well, what's better than to give something you know they want?? BTW...Bro & his wife's 30th anniversary was on my birthday, too!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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