Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday, Dec 15,1006

...and, dammit, I turn 42 Sunday! That so sucks!! Ya know, I think what is the worst thing about that is that the next important birthday is 50! That's going to crush me, more than 30 or 40! I figure 40 is at least halfway through my life (maybe it's more than halfway through...some days lately, I really hope it is!), and, what've I done? Yeah, I have a great daughter...but, I did that when I was 18! I guess I'm always here for her...but, what if the best parts of my life are already over?? I honestly don't want to live so long that I need to be 'taken care of', I went through a couple years when I let Kev do that, and it didn't work for either of us, until I finally decided to do everything I still can. And I never, ever want to get to that point again, where I just kinda give up on everything! After 12 years, I should know better than this! Well, I'm on the third & last day of my iv steroids today, and that's helping my mood a, I guess it's helping a lot. Oh, I found a cool website, probably not something anybody without someone in their life with ms would be real interested in, but this guy is funny...

Yesterday was 'Tiffany Thursday' on WDCM...she couldn't be there Tuesday, cuz she's been sick since Sunday...went to the dr Monday, and he told her to stay home til Thursday and take antibiotics for 10 days...tested for strep, but she didn't have it (good! me getting steroids kills my immune system, and I don't need any extra germs!). So, she decided last week that since they had a 'people party' at the station, they had to have a 'pet party' this Thursday! About 6 or 7 people showed up with their dogs, + Tif with hers and Zak's dog, Jenga, the Papillon. Or, as Tif calls her, 'Princess Jenga'! She really is the best dog, though! Even though I'm not a dog person, I LOVE her!! One of the people brought his Jack Russell...Tif said it didn't even look like a Jack Russell terrier, it was so fat!! The guy that owned it told them, in a bragging way, that it weighs 35 lbs!! Tif said it actually looked like a footstool!! The pet store here in town had donated lots of doggie treats and presents for the dogs...there were pig ears. Gary tried to give Jenga one, and Tif threw a fit on the air! "Don't give her those! I don't want her to have those! The pig might've had a disease or something, & I don't want Jenga to catch anything and die!!" Meanwhile, the Jack Russell is chomping away loudly on them...but he had a whole lot more weight than Jenga...she's like, maybe 12 lbs!
So I'm in a better mood today. Besides being on steroids, I actually ordered most of our Christmas presents yesterday...web shopping is the BEST!! And Kevin got big stuff yesterday too. I told him, "See? We do our best work under pressure"...after all, we dated for 4 months before he asked me to marry him, then we were engaged for 62 1/2 hours before we got married! And our 17th anniversary is in February.
Okay...I hafta go find a few more things for Tif on the's the last day I wanna order off here...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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