Thursday, December 07, 2006

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And Our Friends...
Tiffany on TuesdayOur "official" morning show hair stylist---and our newest "Queen of Morning Perkiness" Listen Tuesday mornings for Tiffany's Celebrity News Flash...and Trash!

How cool is this?? This is on the WDCM website where it introduces the "good morning show" team! But...queen of morning perkiness?? I beg to differ...haha!
Anyway...more bragging, since the radio station only reaches this county...the lead morning guy, Gary, told Tif that he knows she's 'the most popular', because they get the most phone calls when she's on the air with them! Actually, this week, I was the first person to call them at 6:10 am, because Gary was joking on the air that they were gonna fire her cuz she was almost late. I called, Gary answered, and I said, "Gary, how can you fire her?? SHE'S A VOLUNTEER!!" He laughed, then patched me through so my phone call was on air too...and he was making fun of her cuz the first thing they had done when she got there was have her gargle and sing a Christmas song! And she's never actually gargled before, so she was spitting water all over the place...the guys were soaked!! Actually, he jumped all over me, because, as her mom, why did I never teach her how to gargle?? I said, 'I was afraid she might choke...obviously, it WAS the right decision, huh?' He laughed and said would've been a mess! Then they played another Christmas song, "Walkin' Round In Women's Underwear", and I got off the phone. Then Tif was talking about how wrong that song was, it gave her goose bumps! My mom also called to say that her brother had the record with all that guy's songs on it, but she hung up before they could put her on the air. Then Kev's mom called in, to give a "public service announcement" about her church's upcoming play this weekend. Then Kev's sister called in, and they ended up talking about how over the weekend, she & Tif were talking about a George Foreman grill, and Tif called it a 'George Michael grill'!
Then they were asking Tif what she took at the Career Center high school, and she said, well...cosmetology was her first choice, but it was full...then she tried horticulture...but it was full she took culinary arts...but to this day, she HATES to cook!! She told everybody about the time she was making Christmas cookies for the Rotary Club meeting, and it called for a teaspoon of ground cloves...she used (by mistake!) a teaspoon of WHOLE cloves!! And she told everybody about the time she 'caught on fire'! They used gas stoves out there, and her oven mitt caught fire, but she didn't see it until one of the guys walked past and said, very calmly, "You're on fire, Tiffany.". She started screaming, and running around, waving the hand with the oven mitt on it around in the air! Why in the hell she didn't take the mitt off, nobody knows! Then her chef jacket caught fire too and she really started screaming!! Gary & Sean were laughing, and asked "Hasn't your mom ever told you 'stop, drop, & roll' either?? She said YES! But you really aren't thinking when you're BURNING!! Luckily, the guy that told her she was on fire got a wet towel and threw it on her! So, thankfully, I still have a daughter!! Then Chef H. , her old teacher, called & said she was coming to their Christmas party at the station Friday morning...but only if Tiffany didn't cook the breakfast!!
So, Tiffany's official morning Christmas song is "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas"...they'll play that every Tuesday morning for her.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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