Monday, February 04, 2008

Busy Super-everything weekend!

A stunning multi-generational family photograph...'cept I think there might be a couple generations in the middle that aren't there...

It's been a pretty neat weekend...maybe cuz I haven't done much of anything. Just read and, laundry, watch tv....I guess that's what old people call "puttering around the house". I guess that makes me an "old person"...oh live and learn...that's the difference between a woman and a girl. right?

Oh, I have a "Mom update"! She's out of the nursing home and living in an senior apartment complex, and likes having an apartment to herself, not a bed with room-mates that come and go! I'm gonna go out and see the apartment this week, it sounds nice. I know Bro and wife and some of their kids were in and out of there before she went in, just to kinda furnish it and stuff, because once when I called his cell, he was out there with his tape measure and they were arranging the furniture and everything!...and, I'm not really sure, but I think it has a lot more than I ever would've thought a retirement community would...she even has an aide or nurse or someone come to her three times a day to take her down to the dining room to eat, and stop by to give her her pills in the morning! Wow, she's in a place that's really going to be good for her when she starts meeting some of the other people. But I absolutely hate the fact that I can't get out there whenever I want to go, I have to get a bus...but...I'm at least able to call her every day or two...she even has her home phone number now, we got it transferred last week...and I know my mom, that's just one step that makes it feel like 'home' to her. It just, well, seems so wrong that I'm sitting here wanting her to make friends and all's just not fair to her that anybody else should have to take care of that for her! You know, I don't mind doing it, I wish I could do more, I just hate that life gets to be like this in the end...but, I know she's got an active mind, she reads as much if not more than I do...she just would never read, like Stephen King, or any stuff like that...she's more into stories about people in England, just calm, peaceful stories.

I called Boo Sunday morning, and she told me something hilaious! She said 'I was gonna tell you! I saw W last week in WalMart, in one of the towns up there' (W is the boyfriend that Mouse and I had, off and on more or less!). Boo never liked him much, always was telling me I could get better...yeah...not Mr Right, he was Mr Right Now, and, at certain points in life, that's what you need. Anyway, she said he had a little girl (around 7ish) with him (a daughter???)...and we both kinda giggled at that. Then she said 'Yup...she's quite the little pudge...'. That's amazing, because he was skinny, like me! She must've read my mind, cuz she said 'and he still looks exactly the same as he did 20 years ago (oh, how fair is that?), skinny, same glasses, same hair, everything! We just kinda talked about the Super Bowl get-together she was making cookies for, and other stuff, and then got off the phone. Last night I called Mouse and told her about it, and she got a helluva laugh out of it too! Especially when I said 'He has a kid?? Eeeeewwww..'. She told me years ago that he'd called her to see if she wanted to go out for a beer...and she had said 'Well, no, I can't...I'm about 8 months pregnant, it probly wouldn't look good' hahahahaha! Come to think of it, I got an email last week from another friend up there I used to work with, telling me about running into someone from the store...odd, isn't it? Almost like I feel like I'm sitting here with a spiderweb of knowledge over the whole part of Ohio...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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