Friday, February 08, 2008

It's Friday!!

Woohoo! Throw Momma From the Train is on!! I LOVE this movie!! My yittle Tif PoohBear got me hooked on this when she was 5, for God's sake!! Between this and Cinderella, our evenings were covered!! And I just happened to think...we lived in an upstairs apartment, the stairs were just regular wood, completely uncovered, but they did have a handrail....
...thank God I never really treated her like Momma in the movie!! She'dve pushed my ass straight down those stairs!! And the guy in the downstairs apt would've come outside and said "What happened?" And Tif would've looked up at him with those big blue/green eyes and sniffed a couple times and said "Mommy fall down and go boom, Henry..." hahaha!
I do remember us calling each other "Owen" sometimes! Just to see who could sound more like Momma!! Some good times!!
I really have to give a great big high-five to all the people at Time Warner Cable here!! They had set up an appointment to hook me up with the digital phone service here, Feb 5 between 4 & 7! And I still have the same phn number, was never without service, and it is just like a regular phone connection, they just had to change the connections of some wires in the box outside, the jacks & modem in here, and...voila! I'm off Verizon, and on TWC, which is a lot cheaper, has all the features, and ...FREE LONG DISTANCE from my home phone! Yeah, I know a lot of people get that with their cell phns, but...I'm old, remember? So, even not counting long distance, I'll save $50/month!! Wow! I NEED THIS!! And I know if the electricity goes off, my phone goes what? That's why I have a cell phone, just for emergencies. And, unbelievably, one of their supervisors from a different town stopped over the next day to check on the cust svc I got! Sheesh!! Who does that?? Yup...I'm a cheapskate...out of necessity. I was as soon as I was 18, and moved out on my own with Tif...if I didn't have the cash, I didn't buy it! And, honestly, I don't mind it!
I read a quote by Arthur Conan Doyle last night that I'll never forget again..."Character is shown by behavior". As a matter of fact, maybe I should have it tattooed on me!!
I'm busy getting most of the stuff straightened up in here cuz I really want to hire someone to come in here and wash all the walls and everything, for spring cleaning, so I'm hoping that Tif knows someone who needs a job!! She's got WAY too much to do right now...she called last night and was scraping the wallpaper off a bathroom! That's gonna be a big job.

I have one question, if anyone out there can tell me what their theory is...why are people so Goddamn mean and sneaky? And then totally lie about it, like you'll be too stupid to figure anything out? Come on...that's total sociopathic behavior, thinking you're smarter than everybody else...kinda like "Scott Peterson-ish" it in the water? Or just society as a whole? And don't say "I didn't used to be like that..this or that person made me like that!" Funny, but most of the people I've heard do this are guys, not women...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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