Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday night...

...4 1/2 days without smoking...not even smelling smoke! Actually, I guess that's the thing that makes this the easiest...I live alone, and nobody else is around smoking, so I can not smell it! Kev's dad went to WalMart with me today, and I went crazy in the candy aisle...ya know, Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, all that important stuff...

Oh, I got one hell of a surprise Sunday morning! The phone rang, and I looked at the caller id, and it said "unavailable" (well, it didn't say it...I had to read it...). I usually just ignore it when it doesn't tell who it is, but for some reason, I answered it, and it was a guy from my high school class of 1983 (!), who is doing a major part of planning our 25 year reunion!! Holy crap!! That was wild...he was someone who was friendly with everyone in school, but in a totally different group of people than me..(he wasn't a 'stoner', I was!). So that was neat, to catch up with him, find out what he's doing, where he is (Cleveland!). He said he met his wife 23 + years ago in Georgia when he was there, then they came back here...I said "she must really love you, to give up GA weather for Cleveland!!" So that's gonna be this Labor Day weekend...I said I might be there, but, honestly, I doubt if I will be. Not the least of the reasons is Tif getting married in Nov!
Seriously, it is SO damn cold, damp, windy, etc outside!!
Oh, yeah...Happy Leap Day. Or Sadie Hawkins Day...which means this is the day that women can ask a guy to marry them...(if they're stupid...).
God, I truly, truly want a smoke right now!! GRRRRRRR!!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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