Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday, Feb 22, 2008

Mom passed away Feb 16, 2008. It was actually peaceful for her, I believe. She was in the hospital, and the brain cancer had come back, and they also did a cat scan and found that it was in her kidneys, liver, etc. We were talking about getting hospice, but her nurse said to wait a few days, she wasn't needing the decision made right away. So Tif and I sat on either side of her bed, talking quietly, and giggling a little bit with her about, ummm, the game 'Trouble', the card game 'Rack-O', 'Scrabble', the stuff she had liked to make, "Pigs in Blankets" (I always hated that...It was a huge smoked ham she cut up and rolled the pieces in cabbage leaves. Ew...sorry Mom! Nothing personal!

We were there holding her hands for her last two hours, but, like I said, she was at peace, as we all were. We were blessed to have that last 2 hours to talk to her, and tell her what a great job she had done as a Mom! (and a Grandma!, as far as Tif said, and I agree!).
I found the pictures above on the internet, and, amazingly, they both look like some of the barns and sheds on what used to be my Grandma H's farm, where Mom was born and grew up...Now it belongs to Mom's brother, Uncle D, who is Boo's dad!
This is very special to me, also...Tif is definitely my go-to girl! She took me up to the funeral home with her Monday night, and she did Mom's hair and nails for her, and at the funeral she read something she had written about them when she was little! She made me very proud!
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