Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday the 10th!!

Man, good thing this little kitty doesn't have a covered litterbox like Truman!! She'd be 'lost and gone forever, my darlin' Clementine...'

This would be a good car alarm, wouldn't it?? Reminds me of the time Tif and I were lost a little bit out in the country, and went past a car with a COW laying on top of it!! Hooves would even be harder to climb with than paws, you know? lol!

Okay, everybody, it's for real officially now! Tif & one of her bridesmaids & I went out yesterday and found THE DRESS!! And she only tried on 4 dresses~!
It's a perfect size 4, and it looks like it was designed for her and fitted to her! The women at the bridal store all came in and all have the same opinion...'course, they probably work on commission, too...they said they can't see where it would need any alterations or anything, it's long for her, but they said this brand, you can order in a petite at the same price, and it's 3 inches shorter, which is perfect! So...that's where any income tax I get is going!! To me, I WANT to pay for her wedding dress...that's kind of her "launch" off into the rest of her life, ya know? I never had a wedding dress per se. The first time I got married, well, it wasn't like a fancy wedding or anything, although it was in a church.
It was really funny, they brought her a 'crinoline' to try on, under the dress, to pouf it out, and everything. And the lady that worked there had to be on her knees behind Tif under the dress to make sure it hung just exactly right and everything...and as if that wasn't funny enough, she crawled out from there and said "Oh well, honey, at least you're one of the customers that wears underwear..". Eeeeeewwwww!! The worst part of that? You don't BUY a RENT it!! Aw, c'mon!! That just creeps the shit out of me!! It would you too, if you saw the makeup stains on the dresses sometimes! lolol!!!
So I want to get it ordered in the next couple weeks or so, cuz it'll take 12 to 15 weeks to get it. Wow...that's all I can do is sit here and whisper to myself over and
I was up most of the night watching "Single White Female", it came on around midnight. Good movie! And "You've Got Mail" just ended...before that it was "Dumb and Dumber"...and in between, I'm reading one of the Mary Higgins Clark mystery's been one of the most memorable weekends of my life! Oh yeah...Tif also took me over to show me through their new house, and it is beautiful! Big backyard, big deck, split level 3 bedrooms...they've already ripped all the kitchen cabinets out, and showed me the ones they're going to order, and they're in the middle of scraping the wallpaper in the big bathroom upstairs.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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