Saturday, March 24, 2007

i can't quit writing!! (in other words, you can't shut me up!)

This picture goes with the end of the post!
Check this out!! It's not just the original ad that was on youtube, it's better!! It's not like me to keep my friggin' mouth shut when something's on my mind, so, pardon me if you don't agree! This is kinda why I'm back...just to rail at everyone, and be a nuisance, and take up unused bandwidth...muuuhaahaaa!

Anyway...I've been through it lately, forward, backwards, upside down, downside name it, I've been my house!! But I'm still here...whatever that's worth. Anyway, Bro called me today at 10:00 am, and I think he was shocked as hell that I was awake!! He asked what I was doing, and I at least was honest, I told him I was laying in bed still, watching the 2 hours of Wall Street shows that's on Fox News every Saturday morning til noon! I think he thinks that's really good, cuz I'm finally doing something that our dad would've liked me doing! So he was asking me about some of the scooters for crippled, no, I mean, handicapped people!! Damn! I still hafta get rid of that mindset! Anyway, he had asked me last week to send him some websites where I liked some of them, so I had. And we went through them while I was lying there (no better way to shop, I gotta say!), So, I said I really liked the Lynx L4 model, at the top on here. So he had the website up on his computer, and we were going through the specs of it and everything, speed, how muuch weight it'll hold (HA! Tif & I can ride it together!...for that matter, so could Kev & I!) and, best of all it has a 4 inch ground clearance! (good for in the grass, for sure!). Then he said, you like blue better than red right? I said yeah, but..."click, click, click" from his end, then he said, "Okay, I'm buying it for you, it'll be delivered to my office, I'm thinking Thursday...when it gets here I'll bring it over, and that way I can be there to take some measurements for the ramp too. Oh my God, I have the BEST big brother in the world!! Holy shit! You know, I think I've been in total denial of this ms crap for the whole 14-15 years I've had it...and now that I finally admit there actually ARE things I can''t do anymore, well, there ARE people in your life that do care. I told Bro, you don't have to do this! And he said, Well, you shouldn't not be able to get around anymore, either! Cry?? Me??? You bet your ass I did!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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