Tuesday, March 27, 2007

no radio today...tif quit...oh well, it WAS only volunteer work...

Oh, man, does anybody who was EVER a little kid think it wouldn't have been the first thing for them to think of to do???

2 really cute construction guys!
All right...today I have a little bit of strange, maybe ghostly, stuff to get out of my head.
The other night, I was out in the kitchen (of course, snacking at about 2:30 am!...you know, ice cream, pringles, mint choc chip POP-TARTS!!) And the way our house is, there's a little teeny almost square hallway between the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and dining room downstairs here. So, I've got some ice cream or something balanced on my walker coming out of the kitchen. I had been looking down to make sure I wasn't gonna step on any runaway mice, or anything (heehee!), then I looked up to make sure I didn't walk into a wall, I swear I saw a thin guy in jeans & a light blue t-shirt, and brown hair walk real quick from the dining room into the bathroom. And, no, it was NOT Kevin. (he did have a nice ass, though...). But, no, it wasn't ANYBODY, our bathroom doesn't have 2 doors or anything, and it's not big enough for anyone to hide or anything!
The next weird thing that happened was Sunday night, and I was out in the kitchen doing some p.t. exercises (she told me to always do these leg exercises in front of the sink, so if I needed to, I could grab onto it...works good, too!). I started picking some stuff up after that around the kitchen, straightening up...I picked up a card or something laying around, and itdidn't look like anything I'd seen before. I looked at it, and opened it, and it was one of the cards that had been given out at the funeral home at my dad's funeral, with a great poem on it. OMG!! I just stood there and read it, and leaned on the counter and bawled my eyes out! Keep in mind that this is about 2 am, and I was the only person in the house. So I took the card in the bedroom to put it away, so it didn't get lost. Then when I walked in, I didn't turn the light on, I must've kicked the little stuffed animal cat that my mom gave me for Valentine's Day, and it started talking! Hmmmmm.....I just got off the phone from calling Mom & accusing her & Dad of conspiring against me to scare me! Honestly, my Mom has always threatened to come back and haunt me! True!!! She laughed like crazy!
Also, Mom said that her primary doctor, who is also mine told her today that she's an absolute living miracle, cuz of her health doing so well!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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