Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday....and I'm still here, just been BUSY

Okay, guys...lemme askya this...exactly which bathroom would you rather be stuck in??
It's actually been a quite 'eventful' couple days. Ummm...not good eventful, by any means, ya know. First of all, let me warn you...any friggin' time you get one of those really neat emails from a friend about friendship, that has all kinds of adorable pictures of puppies, kittens, little yellow ducks, things like know, just a bunch of "awwwwww" shots. Well, just a warning to y'all...when you get to the page that says if you forward it to some friends, something will happen to you between 1 & 4 pm the next day. Well, lemme tellya...something really happened to me between 1 & 4 yesterday! Okay, I got up around noon yesterday, and made the bed & all, separated laundry, then went out to the kitchen and made a bowl of oatmeal (ok,ok, instant....but I like that kind!). Everything's goin' all smooth & everything, then I turned around to put the gallon of milk back in the refrigerator, and lost my stupid m'f*'ng balance, and fell forward, into the refrigerator, landing on the bridge of my nose right smak on the top shelf of the fridge. And I have no idea where my hands were, well, I had the milk in one hand & didn't wanna drop it, ya know. Anyway, I landed on my knees first, then flipped over so I was sittin on my butt against the inside of the fridge, cuz the door was still open...then...the plastic strip that holds all the bottles in (ya know, vodka, ketchup, green ketchup...etc), broke, and every single one of those bottles ended up on my lap. Meanwhile, I felt like my nose was running, then looked down and discovered that my nose was bleeding like a faucet!! Holy crap, what a friggin start to my day that was! Finally, I quit cryin' (it HURT! probably more than having a baby...I didn't cry then), cleaned the blood off the floor, like, say, 6 inches or so...looked like it, anyway! Felt like it too. Oh, and, by the way...what time was this? Well, this whole 'debacle' lasted from about 1 til 3. By then I'd learned my lesson, and sat on the bed and read a book til 4:05, when I got in the shower. So, I dunno, maybe I should've called 911 or something, but, it was just my nose for heavens sake! I don't know if it's broken or not, but I know it's crooked, swollen, all bruised, etc. At least my eyes aren't black today, which they looked like they were gonna be yesterday. But I do have an appt with my ms dr at the Cleveland Clinic tomorrow, and I'll have her take a look at it, and tell me what she thinks I should do. And, I guess, if I end up having to have it rebroken & fixed, oh well...I never really thought that they took enough off when I got my nosejob when I was 21...this time maybe I could have them take some more off this time if they have to do something! At least this time I could do it all the way asleep, not under a local anesthetic, with a couple valiums to 'loosen my nerves up'. Or so the dr said...haha, how did HE know??
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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