Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday! (I know, I'm the absolute only person in the world that likes 'em)

Hey! A new week, and I'm still here...yay?
Well...Friday at the dr's ofcs in Cleveland was a, well, I guess it would qualify as a 'slap in the face' to me? Or maybe a wake up call. My first appt was with my reg ms dr, and we really didn't talk about much different...well, it was kinda funny, I was still talking with her assistant, and taking all the regular ms physical tests you do every time you go (I hate those...'touch my finger, then your nose'...yeah, right. 'see if you can take a step forward without holding on'...yeah right, once again.). Anyway, I had been sitting in Dr Stone's ofc with her for an hour, doing all that stuff, and going over what meds I'm on, and the assistant was getting ready to call the dr and tell her we were ready for her...and all of a sudden, all the lights went off! I mean, it was so dark in that ofc, I couldn't have seen my hand in front of my matter how close it was! Luckily, I was just sitting on a chair :-D . Neither of us said anything for a second, then I asked her, " this some weird new ms test?" She kinda nervously laughed, and said, No, I had nothing to do with this! Turned out, when the PA (physician's assistant, for people lucky enough not to see drs regularly, so they don't have to know this crap) opened the door to the hallway, all the power was off! Finally the aux power came on in the building, so we all got half the lights back. However...there were people who were, like, stuck in the elevators and stuff for another hour! Turns out, the construction people that were building a parking garage next door, cut a line! Sheeesshh! Haven't they ever heard of 'Call Before You Dig'?? Hmmmmm...I better shuttup about that, seeing Bro owns a construction company, huh? I just called him to tell him about that...and he answered the phone, sounding all relaxed & everything...why? Well, he & his wife had just finished The Horny Toad Scottsdale, Arizona! Damn!! I didn't mean to bust in on his vacation! But he said, it's okay, they're only out there for a few days to get more furniture for the condo. Geez...poor Bro & wife...they had to go to Arizona to go shopping for a few days...*smartasss comment*.
Anyway, I'll finish this book I'm writing here....after I saw my reg dr...finished that appt at 1 started at 11 am...but at least they don't hurry you through appts there! Next I had to go see an occupational therapist...and pretty much pick out which electric wheelchair I want...I picked the smallest, most tasteful one I could see, and, actually, Kev sat in it the whole time the guy was talking to us, then he got up & made me sit in it...and it actually is about as comfortable as this computer chair! I hafta go back there next Monday for a 2 hr appt with the chair manufacturer to have him measure me for it and everything, and I guess they hafta make 'em for ya, you can't just go in & pick one out! Cuz I guess it'll be another 3 weeks before it's delivered here. And the occupational therapist said mine's gonna even be smaller than that one. It does have a zero turninig radius, and we measured all the doors in here & it'll fit. I just couldn't keep myself from thinking about how much I felt like Mr Potter (It's A Wonderful still hafta come over & see that, Jill!)...but Kev said 'Get rid of THAT thought! Then I had an appt with a physical therapist at 2 pm. So she gave me some exercises to do every day...and taught me to think about how I'm walking, cuz I'm kinda dragging my right foot. She had already gone all over my physical capabilities, and she said I need to STOP that now! Pretend I'm stepping up a step every time I use that foot. I'm like 'okay', but under my breath I'm "grrrrr, grumble, bitch, whine, piss, moan" I'm still thinking that, but I AM doing it! So...that was MY was yours? Tell me something funny that happened to you, and made you laugh!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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