Wednesday, March 14, 2007

okay...i'm givin' up on ya! i'll do the funny stuff myself!

Okay...I'm taking over on the funny stuff, cuz it's a lot more fun to write!!
Even though this time, it's something hilarious that happened to Tif this weekend...
A guy that she knew was bringing her home from the bar they were at Saturday night...well, not home, per se, she was staying over with her two friends that rent an apartment, and they had wanted to leave earlier, so she asked this guy to take her home (not a stranger! she knows him, he's one of her friends!). So, they left when the bar/dance club closed at 2:30, and the guy had not been drinking at all, but...I'll be damned if he didn't get pulled over for his license plate light being burnt out! All I can figure is that the cops were really watching that bar (it IS popular!), and he had a reason right out in the open, to be pulled over! So they pulled him over, he passed the drunk tests, and all that, but there was a bag of weed right out there in front! So...he got arrested, then the cop leaned in the door and asked Tif if she was drunk. She, of course, said yes...I'm so glad she didn't try to lie about it! He said he'd take her to her friend's house on the way to the police station with that guy. While they're sitting in the car with him, that guy told Tif, 'Bail me out! The money's in my pocket!' She said, 'No, I'm not gonna dig around in your pockets!!' He said, 'You think I can? I'm in handcuffs, for God's sake!!' Meanwhile, the cop's sitting there dying laughing, cuz Tif is! Oh, before she got in the car, he asked her if she had any guns or knives on her! This is my little girl, who rode in a dryer a few weeks ago!! Hah!! She said,'No...but I have a pink camera...wanna see it?' OMG!! I'dve peed my pants laughing! Anyway, when they got to her friends' house, he pulled in the driveway to let her out. She opened the door and looked out, then looked back at the cop, and said, 'Can you pull over to the left a few feet, cuz I just bought these Coach shoes and I don't want to get them dirty...they were expensive, ya know? And they're white...' And, holy crap, he laughed...and did it!! Wow...look what girls can get! If a guy asked that, what would have happened?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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