Thursday, March 29, 2007

Are you smarter than a fiffth-grader?...

Now, be honest...have ANY of you seen this guy??
And I think we passed this cat in Cleveland a couple weeks ago...

....and, OH, wouldn't it be a total miracle if this happened to one of the PETA assholes that thought the baby polar bear would be better off put to sleep than to live in a zoo!!! PETA...oh, puh-leez!

Mom just called, and, hey everyone, guess what? Yup, something weird happened at her house in the last few weeks too! The first thing she did was ask me if I'd called her yesterday. I said no, cuz I usually do every day, but for some reason I didn't. She just said, "Hmmmm". I was, 'why?' She said that the phone rang yesterday afternoon, and when Mom answered, she said hello, and it sounded like me on the phone talking to her about something, and there was a man's voice talking at the same time as mine! But she said she couldn't understand what I (or whoever it was!) was saying, so whoever it was finished what they were saying, and hung up. How freakin' weird is that?? That almost creeps me out a little...Then I was telling her about the totally odd that happened here this morning. It's all warm amd sunny today, mid-60's, and I usually go to bed around 1 or 2 am, then get up around 9 or 10. So, I did that today, then was just sitting in the bedroom reading, when all of a sudden, I hear Tif yell, "MOM!" (yes,she was here!!). I get up and come out to the dining room, and looked out the front door to see what she was talking about. So, on the other side of Tif's car, there are TWO DUCKS sitting there!!! In the front yard!! We live in town, just a regular area, no water or anything around here! We just stood there and stared at them for a few minutes, and back & forth at each other, like, 'are you SEEING this shit?' The ducks were just out there waddling around Tif's of the ducks was a little bit smaller, and all brown, but the other one had a brown body, and a gold-colored stripe around its neck, and a totally magnificent blue head!! It was beautiful!! Unbelievable!! We could see it in total detail and clarity, because, the duck with the blue head kept walking up close to the porch! Tif came inside and got a few slices of bread, and we were able to just sit on the porch and have a nice morning and feed ducks, for heaven's sake!! That is truly freaky, there's no water or anything here, this is just a regular street, speed limit 35 mph, so, obviously, it's not especially quiet or anything! You know, thinking back about springtime, I think I've seen at least one little baby bunny every year in March...but...ducks in the city, waddling around beside a car in the driveway???

So, with all this weird stuff up here, and, of course I'm in the middle of a good scary book, I just started old as the earth is, and as many people who've lived and died...would it even be a possibility that there's a square foot of land that doesn't have a body under it? That's a serious question, really, think about it. There's probably about 100 of them reclining under your basement right now!!

Mom & I were talking about some running around she'd done, to the dr's ofc yesterday, and she said that as soon as she walked in his office, the receptionist greeted her with a big ol' "Hi Mrs S! You want to pay something on your bill today?" (Mom's bill is paid down to 75.00, so she's not ALL that worried about it! Dad's insurance is awesome!). I giggled & told her she should have said, "No, not today! Ya wanna kiss my ass??" I told her she could say anything she wants to, and say...' daughter's been just an awful influence on me lately! Sorry!'
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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