Sunday, April 01, 2007

a weekend...! (usually, i'm not a big fan of 'em!)

Yeah, I know, the one about toilet paper is just wrong, on SO many levels. But, screw it, y'all laughed, didn't you?
Okay...I'm just having a 'wee-haaa' good time this weekend! Why? Well, Bro called Friday afternoon. The Lynx was delivered to his office Thursday afternoon, and he'd put it together, which took all of, like, 5 minutes! Then he took it home with him, charged the battery up all the way (holds a 7 mile charge), and rode it around a little in his 8 acres of woods. Which kinda had me as little worried...he's a big 'motorcycle guy', you know, rides motocross & stuff, LOVES to ride! I almost expected him to show up with the Lynx all duct-taped, dented, masking taped...hahaha!
But, no, Bro brought it over to my house yesterday around noon (I love it! He understands my schedule!!), and it is an awesome thing to have!! It's PERFECT!! I can drive it all around inside the house, and everything!! Even through that square-type hallway, into the kitchen, to the laundry room, & most the refrigerator, microwave, freezer...etc.
Anyway...I've been SO immature this weekend...I'm zooming around the house chasing Truman, beeping the horn at him, in general, just scaring the shit out of him! And I'll tell you what...the top speed is supposed to be 5 mph...I beg to differ! I bet it's much closer to 8 - 10 mph!! All I know is, if I had the will & guts, I could probably do a wheelie, and ride it straight out the window into the front yard!! But I'd never do that (you know me...timid & all that..). So, when Bro was here yesterday, he was measuring for the ramps and all,one in front, one in back. OMG! My attitude has SO changed from what it's been forever! But, I guess it's time to get off my ass & fight again! Like Kevin's always told me, "Walking's overrated, you know?" haah! But I was excited about this & called my cousin, Boo, yesterday too...she agreed with what Kev said, and said "yeah, sweating's overrated too!" Then she said she could just imagine the youtube video I'll have up, showing me jumping off a ski-type ramp into the back yard, with a bunch of neighborhood kids laying in a row (ala Evel Kneivel!)...maybe i'll even do it through flaming hoops or something...
Anyway...I watched the Blue Jackets/Red Wings game today...Tif & date were there, they had seats right behind the Red Wings box (lucky!!), but it was disappointing, I quit watching when it got to be 4 - 0, Wings! Anyway, I know they'll have fun, anyway, they're going to Tif's favorite restaurant after, "Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant" . She told me when they went Thursday night, they had a big plate of pasta, mussels, shrimp, clams, and calamari...which, for us uneducated, is OCTOPUS!!! The picture is at the top...I absolutely love it that she'll try enything like that! I have no clue how she got that, not from me, that's for sure!, but I'm so happy she's like that! Keep in mind, this is the little girl who, at the age of 8 or so, made 'pickle-sickles' in the freezer, you know, pickle juice poured into ice cube trays, covered with saran wrap, then toothpicks in them...a couple hours later, VOILA! instant summer snack!! haha!!
Okay...Ted Nugent's playing..'Free For All'! That music begs for a ride!
BoUnCeS!!! LibbY!

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