Thursday, April 12, 2007

hey, i guess it must be thursday already...

Hey! How come my mom never told me there was an alternate Sesame Street? All I got was "Rubber Ducky, you're so fine...and I'm lucky that you're mine..."

Have you seen this man??

I don't have much to say today, haven't been doing much, I think it's the stupid cold weather....what's going to happen to all the baby bunnies that were just born? Are we supposed to dig 'em out of the snow and eat 'em??
Talked to Bro today, we have interesting conversations. They always have to be pretty short, cuz he's always on his cell phone, in his truck,and he always has to go, cuz he's on his way in to a meeting! Which it seems like he has about 3 or 4 a day! He's probly so busy cuz he only does businesses...he said he wasn't real fond of doing people's houses...but only because people were so 'persnickety'! Or changed their minds halfway into it. I can just imagine...I'd be horrible...if it wasn't my big brother, who used to use me for karate practice when I was about 8! Then he'd tell me his back hurt, would I walk on it? Of course I THAT was fun!!
We all were talking at Easter about how tough it must've been for Mom to raise 2 boys that were 2 years apart in the 50's. And about how when she still only had Psycho, and before Bro was born, Dad had some work down in Argentina, so Mom & Psycho were with him there...but they weren't there for a long time. Then Bro said that 2 boys 2 years apart was nuthin until she had me 11 years later, in '64, and found out what real trouble was! I do know that Mom laughed and said yeah, one of the first clues to that was when they were trying to sell their house in Dearborn, MI, and the realtor called & said she had a couple who wanted to see it, would it be ok to come now? Mom thought it was the perfect time, she'd just gotten done cleaning, etc, the boys were at school, I was home, but I was such a cute, good little girl (almost a year old)...I would be nothing but a plus! (no, you jerks! they weren't selling me with the house!). So, she got me a bunch of toys & books & settled me in my playpen in the living room, and fixed me a bottle, cuz it was lunchtime. She always used those "new" Playtex nursers, with the bag inside it and all, ya know? (women know....guys dont). So the doorbell rings, Mom's all looking around to make sure everything's perfect...then she sees me pull the plastic nipple off my bottle and dump the whole bottleful of milk on the carpet!! ...No wonder that when Mom filled out Tif's "Grandma's Memories" book, my part said "Your Mom was my only daughter, and she always had such an indomitable spirit" Hmmm....
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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