Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday April 10, 2007 (?) i think??

Nope, not me...it might be someone out there, though!! But it sure is funny!!

Is this how anybody else but me would've LOVED to have answered this question on a test in school??

God, this guy is HOT, isn't he? He just needs more eyebrows...(I LOVE eyebrows!)...

Okay, I'm listening to normal music again...for now, anyway...I'm hooked on Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits!I I'd actually forgotten how much I like them! Yeah, I know Kid Rock's gonna be back on here soon, but...or Fiona Apple "Criminal"..love that song too!! And, yes, there's always "Bad Company", and Janis Joplin, Joe Walsh, all them...

I kinda figured out part of why I felt just "wrong" this weekend. When I was married to the much older guy in high school, it was April 8, 1983! I always try to tell Tif, "Of course you were there at that! (doesnt matter if she could see it or not!)! I KNEW she was!
Listening to the Fleetwood Mac cd, I remember before she was born, I had thought of maybe naming Tif "Rhiannon". But when I "met" her, (after 21 hours of labor, mind you!), she LOOKED like a Tiffany!! I couldn't imagine her named anything else! Now I always wonder what would happen if you name a kid a name you picked out before it was born, and, as your baby grows, you realize that it's just the wrong name for them. I gotta wonder if parents EVER feel that way, or is it just me being weird?
I'm probly just being weird today...Tif's giving me my Avonex shot tonight...which she IS good at doing, but....it's still a SHOT, for heaven's sake!!! She is so great for volunteering to do this a long time ago...at leaast it's one I only have to get once a week, and I get it in my arm. If she ever quits, I'll have to give it to myself in the leg...yuk!!
I just wish they'd try to find something for ms that you could just swallow...but they say they're working on it...stomach acid seems to eat everything up!! Except this of course....but, I'm in Ohio...
Does anybody besides me, absolutely LOVE those commercials with the cavemen? I read that they're going to do a pilot tv show with them this fall!! That would be hilarious!!
Okay...I have GOT to get to work on that college assignment for E!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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