Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday, April 6

News Flash!!

I TOLD you all this was hilarious!!
Okay...Mom was here all afternoon today, and we had fun, just sitting here, well, bullshitting! That's not a word I'd use around Mom at all, or anything, you understand...well, in our conversation, I did use "the f word", but it was totally in context, and she just nodded & smiled, like moms do. Anyway, I just got off the phone with her (am I calling her too much, do you think? I don't think once a day is too much...she lives alone, for heaven's sake. My kid better...or at least give me a chance to say "You call too much." haha! I honestly doubt there've ever been too many moms that say "my kid calls me too much".
Anyway, Mom was watching 'The Ghost Whisperer' when I called tonight, and in the middle of the conversation, she said "Oh! There's a naked man sitting on that bench!" What??? I thought she meant out in their backyard or something!! How EVER...I said...are your doors locked, & I was gonna tell her to call 911 or something, then she said, "Libby!! I meant on tv, for God's sake!" Geeezz! I was trying to be helpful! But then later she said something about how dark it was getting, and somehow that conversation jumped over to how she had to put new batteries in the flashlight, cuz that was one of the things Dad always used to do. So, you know me.."Why? So you can get a better look at the naked man in the backyard?" heh...
So, while Mom was here, I was showing her my scooter (who is, by the way, named 'Scoots2', after Scoots, who used to be my Geo Metro. I was riding it through the house, going really fast, until Truman walked out in front of me, then the little fleabag actually sat down in front of me!! And looked over at me calmly, and started licking his paws and washing his face!! So, of course, I stopped...I didn't even beep the horn! Then when Tru got his face cleaned off, and got up, he junped up on the couch beside Mom, who promptly grabbed him and pulled him on her lap and said, "Aawwwww, Come to Grandma! I'll save you!" thing I know she'll be boiling him soft-boiled eggs, and serving them to him in an egg cup from London or something...
Meanwhile, Tif ran in through the dining room from outside and went upstairs yelling "Hi Mom...Hi Grandma!!", came down with a bunch of clothes, and said "I'll be home tomorrow night....". Mom looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders...'23'....what can I say? (why should I say anything? at least she doesn't have kids or is divorced, which most of her friends have had one or both of them...)
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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