Friday, April 20, 2007

my random ramblings...

This cake is wrong, just wrong, I tellya!!

I cannot believe this tattoo! I actually WAS gonna get this one a few years ago! Not on my head, I'm not bald or anything...but on my 'bikini line'!! OMG, now I really wish I would've!!

Okay, I have to touch on this, no matter what!

"If you create a gun-free zone, you're liable for any harm it causes."

I don't own a gun (YET!), but I SO agree with this! Does anybody truly think that a criminal wouldn't be able to get a gun somewhere if they really wanted one? Or that they would say, "Oh, shit! I mustn't have a gun here! This is a gun-free zone! I might get in trouble!" Oh, you realize that if one professor would've had a gun, many, many lives would've been saved at VA Tech? Sorry to bring that up again, but, did the fact that it was a 'gun-free zone' make Cho unable to shoot two people, go to the post office, and mail a package to NBC, and then return to campus and mow down 30 innocent students? Exactly WHAT good did it do for it to be a 'gun-free zone'? To me, all that does is PROVE that gun-free zones obviously do not friggin' work!! I'm not absolutely sure, but I think that all the mass shootings in America have taken place in gun-free zones. Hmmm...does that make anyone feel safer now? Sleep tight, now...

Okay, got my personal rant outta the way for now.Now I hafta talk about some other stupid stuff that Boo & I did at Grandma's house, and at her mom's house when I stayed overnight there.

At Grandma's house, there was a 'cellar'...not a basement, but it was always referred to as a cellar. It had steps down to it, not only inside, but also from the outside. The outside steps were covered by a big heavy pull-up door, kinda like you see in the Wizard Of Oz movie, you know, you always 'Get in the cellar!' if there's a tornado coming! Anyway, sometime, that solid wood door was removed, and it had been replaced by a green fiberglass panel. I don't know whatever happened to the big door...but, regardless, life would've certainly been easier for Boo & me if it had still been in place! We were out back playing hide-and-seek everywhere, and hiding under the willow tree and all. Then we let the dog off her chain out by the barn, her name was Jet, and she was a GREAT dog. She came out back with us and was chasing us all around and, for some dumb 7-year old's reason, we chased each other up the fiberglass cellar stairs cover...all of a sudden we hear a big ol' 'crack', and ended up through the door up to our knees. Holy crap, can you even imagine how scared we were? Not of falling in the cellar, but of Grandma, Mom, Mom's sister, Aunt V, and Boo's dad (Mom's brother)! So we ran and hid under the willow tree and tried to get a story made up that was plausible. ....Oh, it was Jet!!! Yeah, she was the one that did it!!! Of course, you all have to know exactly how much that was believed...oh, we were in SO much trouble! So, what else did we think of to do there? Well, we had the brilliant idea to soap Grandma's windows (ok, we were bored!). How might we have done that, you ask? Well, everybody was sitting in at the dining room table talking (gossiping), and we snuck up the stairs inside with some soap clutched in our grimy little hands...and soaped the stinking windows on the inside!! How freakin' stupid could 2 little 8 or 9 year old girls BE?? Hmmm...and I'm supposed to be "smart"?

BoUNCeS!! LibbY!

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