Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!

It's been a great Easter for us...Tif & I went out to Bro's house at 4:30, ate, drank,sat around and talked because all 4 of his kids were there, & they are SO funny! (oldest is 30, down to 15).

So, now I have a job to do...but don't tell anyone, okay? I'll trust ya, I'm sure you won't tell anyone, right? The 3rd daughter is in her next to last year of college, and has a class where the assignment is to interview one of her grandparents and tell some stuff about their background, where they came from, etc...
That sounded like nothing but fun to me! E's mom's mom & step-dad were there too, but, E said she'd thought about using them, but they were German, and the school she's in, well...everybody's German! So she told Mom that she wanted to do this about my dad, whose family was from Romania. (yes, Transylvania!), cuz Mom's family was German too! Mom said, "well, you know, I really don't know all that much...". Pardon me? You were married from 1950 to 2006!'s now MY assignment!! And, nobody knows my family, nobody will ever see dad's parents could've been captives of Vlad The Impaler, and miraculously escaped! C'mon!! Actually, I kind of tend to blame her reticence on Psycho...I don't know why but she seems like she's kinda in a shell when he's around. But, like the other day, when she was here by herself, she was laughing and talking a lot. That's weird to me...but...whattaya do? Bro & I are both thankful that Psycho's around, because he's always been the closest to her of all of us (including Dad! no you sickos, not like that! hope not anyway! what if he's really my dad? auuuuggghhhh!), and Bro is so busy running the business, driving all over Ohio for appointments, and...of course, I can't drive...but Psycho goes there every night when he comes home from work, has dinner with her, and they sit and talk for awhile. So, yeah, we are thankful for him being here for her. But it was kinda weird tonight, I must admit.Bro's got a really big house, 2 living rooms, hot tub (in the house!)bar, kitchen, bathroom, all this is at one end of it. So, what was kinda weird that was Psycho sat in the room that had the tv on, and he didn't, like, even say hi. All 9 of the rest of us were sitting at the dining room table...he sat in another room and watched GOLF, for heaven's sake!! Peeshaw! He just seems like he gets pissed at everybody else taking Mom's attention away from HIM!! Bro & I've talked about it, and he said that's how Psycho has ALWAYS been...and I gotta believe him, he was there a LOT sooner than me! When I was born Psycho was 13, and Bro was 11. Anyway...
So, we were all still sitting at the table, eating all the desserts, well, I was, anyway...they were just all sitting there, and, well, wouldn't they feel bad if nobody ate 'em? Psycho came in and said something to Mom about he wanted to leave, and Mom said "Can I get a ride home from somebody?"...Bro looked out the window thru the trees in front of his house...then said, "Well, I suppose you could but I hate to think of you out thumbing on this cold dark, windy night....besides, we don't have much traffic down here...". He is SUCH a smartass!!
I bought some flowers to plant this summer last week from a couple little girls for their school...don't worry, they won't be here til May. Yesterday I was sitting here at the computer, im'ng with a friend, and found out some shitty stuff from someone else, and was pissed off & upset...and all of a sudden, someone knocked on the door. I got up & answered it, and it was one of the girls from that day, and she had a bag in one hand, and gave it to me, and said "Happy Easter!" I had her come in & the bag had a homemade huge cinnamon roll, a vanilla candle, and a little angel sculpture in it! Oh my Gawd, I almost started crying! She said, "I just wanted to do something nice for people" And the bag had a paper on it that says 'to nice lady on xxxxxx who bought flowers", with a drawing of 2 bunnies!! Wow! Which now has a place of honor on the wall next to the desk!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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