Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I think it's Wednesday...

That has GOT to be the cutest cat I ever saw!! I WANT it!! Thanks for the picture, jimmyb!!
Hey, everybody, I've got a silly question. Has anyone else ever heard of a guy being referred to as a "man-whore"? Cuz that's got to be one of the funniest things I've EVER heard anyone get called! I used that term today to Bro when he called, and my fine, upstanding, former 'hippie' big brother asked, " wouldn't happen to have any idea what that pays, wouldja?" WTF?? I was like, "Your name is on the front of a companys building! Why would YOU care??" Oh, yeah, and I'd also break my neck to rat him out to his wife!! HAHA!
And Joe called this afternoon after school (he's a teacher, & he loves it!), and we got onto the subject of what it would be like to be a kid now. After we got over all the serious stuff going on, I shut up for a second, then said, "Hey, Kev's sister is a 'lunch lady' now. She's been working at the city schools for awhile. Lunches at schools are a lot different now aren't they?"
They really are, in case anyone didn't know! Almost all the stuff comes 'prepackaged' now! Like, hot dogs come cellophane-wrapped in a bun, stuff like that, so there's no "contamination", or something! Oh for heaven's sake! Remember what it used to be like? A line-up of ladies with gray hair under nets behind a shiny counter, with trays & plates waiting for us to get, and we'd grab a tray & a plate, & silverware, and go down the line. You'd stop in front of each one, and they'd slop a big spoonful of baked beans or spinach on your plate, then yell, 'Next!' (well, ok, that might be a little exaggeration, but not MUCH!). And the teachers on lunch duty would walk around saying hi, and sometimes saying, "Eat another couple of bites of your spinach, and then you can go outside." Wow...remember that? And, believe it or I am, living in the house we bought 17 yrs ago...half a block away from my K-5 grade school!! I'm sad...just cuz I'm old!!
BoUnCeS!! (creaky joints and all...) LibbY!

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