Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring is when all the girls start showing off their bellybuttons....

Oh, I am SO sorry for anyone who had a mouthful of food or soda...(you believe me, dontcha?)! Joe's mom blessed me with this picture yesterday, while I had a mouthful of donut...thought I should share the wealth....

Okay, lemme ask everybody something. Because it was all over the news this weekend (which it should have been, I'm not saying it shouldn'tve!), did anybody besides me sit here imagining Al Qaeda members sitting in front of tv's all over the world, taking notes on how easy it was to get to our animals' food supply? All it took there was a little bit of rat poison in the wheat gluten in China, and, well, we'd be dropping like flies. Give us all something NEW to worry about, huh? (Queen of Panic, that's for you!)

Well, the only exciting thing around here this weekend was when Tif went down to the Blue Jackets hockey game yesterday with a date....she loves hockey! Anyway, oh, we won, too, which always helps! Tif actually won the Diamond # 1 Fan yesterday, and they put her picture up on the big screen in the middle of the rink, and she won a $50 Diamond Cellar gift certificate! How COOL is that?? To actually BE one of those girls the cameras are picking out of the crowd cuz they're pretty or something? WOW!

Oh, and Truman got an exciting present delivered Saturday, that I got for him from Amazon. It's a big triangle yellow box with holes in it so it looks like a big wedge of swiss cheese...and it's full of little catnip mice. How many? Mmmmmm...60! But I think I'm having more fun with it than he is! Except I'm the stupid one with thumbs that has to pick them all up!! Think how embarrassing it is to have to tell someone, "Well, I hafta quit instant messaging now, cuz I have to pick all the mice up off the floor." Gawd! How humiliating! All I got for myself from Amazon was a new's as good as I thought it would be so far, though. It's called 'Dry Ice', and, of course, it's a mystery book, with dead people, and all. What's really amazing is how new hardcover books smell, isn't it? Cuz it's actually been about a year or so since I bought a new book!! Cuz I like to get them used from eBay. But it really reminded me of being a little kid again, when Mom used to bring me home a new book from the mall every time she went out there!

Oh, yeah...Mom's health and everything...well, before she flew to Florida to stay with her sister for a week, she'd gotten a PET scan, and it came out all clear! How cool is that? And she only has one working kidney, and has been like that for awhile, but her dr checked that before she left, and he said she's doing fine with the one she has! I KNOW that had to make it a great vacation for her!!

Aw, damn!! Tif & her friend were just here, and I wish SO bad I would've watched & tivo'd the game yesterday, cuz everybody's been calling her at work and saying "I saw you on the Jumbotron on tv at the game yesterday!" And Jared from the Subway commercials was there too at the game! So, I hafta watch & tivo next Sunday, they're gonna be there for the game against the Red Wings (who was our favorite team before the Blue Jackets were here). Okay...gotta go eat...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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