Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's COLD again!!

Oh, I forgot how much it sucked to have to get up when your alarm went off in the morning! (hey, gimme a break, I'm looking at a positive part of having ms...). I had to get up at 9 this morning, to get the bus to my dr appt. She & I talked, I got weighed again (93 lbs today, 90 lbs last week...but it's progress....). So...I turned on the Weather

Channel just in time to catch the local temperature...forty-eight degrees!! Holy mother of God, man! It's almost MAY!! Oh, warming...forgot about that...
Dr S's assistant came in, and we were all talking about where I'm going to get my infusions of tysabri at, because Dr S has no priveleges at Galion's hospital, but they both told me that if I give them 2 weeks/a month, they'll have it fixed so I can just get it here in town, not even have to go to Galion for the first one...I'm okay with that...after's moving!!
So after my appointment, I went outside to have a smoke (I hid behind a post, because the ashtray/trashcan is right under the NO SMOKING ON HOSPITAL GROUNDS sign!) lol! Anyway, a woman came out of the hospital and walked up to me and said "You're Tiffany's mom, right?" I said yes, and was trying really hard to figure out who she was. Then she said she's XXXX's mom! Oh my God!! That was Tif's best friend in like the third grade, and all through school....well, they 'grew apart' in high school, but still! So she showed me pictures of her granddaughter, and told me where XXXX's little brothers are, and I showed her 2 pix of Tif at her wedding, and we gave each other the obligatory compliments (just kidding...they were sincere.). We kinda had a rough patch at the beginning, where she was married to a super uptight guy, and since we didn't go to church, therefore, I wasn't the type of mother she wanted her daughter to hang out at my house...that was ok with me, but don't pull my 9 year old into it! Anyway, she & her husband split up a couple years later, and, voila! She got neater and not so uptight! When I told her that Kev left me a couple years ago, she said, "That's too bad, that he wasn't strong enough to face this with you." OMG! I never really looked at it like that...but, yeah, she has a point! The psychologist said last week, "Just think, you wouldn't be you if he wasn't gone, now." See? That's why I want to be a psychologist! Always knowing what to say will be a valuable thing! (a lot of the time I can do that anyway!)
Lunch today was a slice of turkey & homemade mashed potatoes with gravy over it all...and asparagus...yuk...but I ate it & the peaches. And, yes, I know they were homemade mashed potatoes...cuz they were lumpy! The cold dinner was some kind of kidney bean salad with diced tomatoes & diced green peppers...kinda not my type of thing...but I ate it. I have a question, please tell me...dessert was tapioca....what ARE those little bubble thingys? I used to love tapioca when I was little...till Dad told me those were fish's the first time I've eaten it since!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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