Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thursday before Good Friday

Yes, everyone, I go around with my head in the clouds 24/7...should anybody be surprised at that????? Lol!

And, keep in mind, these two pictures were taken on the same day, within maybe a quarter-mile between the places, and maybe 20 minutes!

And I just like the rocks at the corner!!

I'm gonna have to be brutally honest here (like I never am????)
I've had to break down and admit that, no, I really can't do it all myself. Ironic that that's one of the first phrases I learned as a baby..."NO!! Do it MYSELF!!" That's in my baby book, along with when I told G when he was babysitting me once, "You're not the boss of ME!!" lol...since G was probably 16, & I was 3, he did the tactful big brother thing, nodded & smiled, and found me something else to do! Yeah...did I mention that I was the youngest & the only girl? :-D
So, with major encouragement from a health pro (ok, ok, a psychologist that I've seen for the last couple years!), I called and now I get the Mobile Meals 4 days a week, so I actually eat real food, vegetables & fruit, and their volunteers make everything homemade, do ya believe that? And I'm actually gaining weight, and feeling better & happier...'course, it's sunny & warmer too...
And when I saw her today, I was telling her about the tysabri, and having to go to Galion hospital (when it gets set up), she said if I need rides there ever, call Love, INC here in town (which is love in the name of Christ!), and they have volunteers that take people to doctors' appts, etc, even if they're down in Columbus! I am just blown away by all the people that volunteer quietly, and you never knew it before. I'm kicking myself for not doing any of it when I could. It's one thing to give an automatic payroll donation to United Way, which I did when I worked at GTE, but quite a bigger thing to give of yourself.
I even admitted to myself that I needed to get someone here to clean the house downstairs, and to take all my Christmas stuff upstairs again, scrub the bathtub, all that.She's not coming regularly or anything, but I know who she is, at least.
The day she was here, the volunteer that delivered the lunch & dinner for that day, came to the door and looked in, and said "Libby!" was the first librarian at our old library downtown, and she and Mom and I were always big "book fans"...she and I met when I was 4 years old! This has just been a magical time for me...I'm not sure why, but I love it that there are so many good people out there! And, of course, I'm including all of you who've been here for me listening to me when I've been at my lowest low!
So, since it was relatively warm out today (60-ish) and sunny, I left here at 12:30, and got the bus to my appt, then came home, and went right back out to the Dollar Store, and got stuff to make Easter baskets for Tif & her husband...and their two dogs. And for me & Truman too. And, as cheap as the stuff is there, the Easter stuff was already 50% off!! So I had to buy a cute yellow bunny for my basket, and a blue one for Tif, & a yellow duck for Mr Tif!
Then, carrying that load on my scooter, I also stopped at the bank & Certified...cuz it's gonna rain tomorrow & be chillier Saturday, so this was THE day to do everything! And I had a blast! Didn't get back here til 6! So, speaking of that, I'm tired, and I want to crawl in bed with a big fat book! Goodnight!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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