Monday, April 27, 2009

thinking about old fun stuff...

...since Biogen hasn't called me yet about getting set up on tysabri...but I have an appointment with my ms dr Wednesday, and if I haven't heard anything by then, I'll sic her on 'em!

I'm sitting here watching 'The Amityville Horror'. The Oxygen Channel always has good stuff...ever seen 'Snapped'?'s a hint, if you're ever in another room and your wife/girlfriend has that show on, and is laughing NOT go to sleep that night!! Sorry, Christine, I just ratted you out. Woops!

Anyway, I was just thinking back to when the Amityville Horror book was out, and I think I was in 7th or 8th grade. I had a group of 5 or 6 girls I hung out with then. One weekend we all got together and stayed over at Kris's house, cuz, of course, her mom & dad were so much cooler than anyone else's! So we were in Kris's room up on the third floor talking about the stuff that really cool 8th graders do, and I was leafing through Kris's copy of that book, and all of a sudden pointed out to everybody that, "Hey you guys! This is the same house as Kris's!!" and it was, only not on the outside, but the floor plan was exactly the same, even down to the basement!! It actually looked scarier on the outside, because it was dark brick! That was also the year that I stayed home from school once with the flu, and Mom brought me home a book. Uh, yeah...'The Stand". That book scared me well!! Mom wasn't a Stephen King fan, she mostly read stuff like James Herriot, tame, happy stuff like that...I must've been a cabbage patch baby!
Also, I was remembering back when I worked an hour north of here, in the mid-80's, at the Peyton Place of grocery stores...naaahhh...I'll talk about that more was a whole helluva lot of fun up there, though...I had the highest highs & the lowest lows up there! I remember some of the customers we had were, well, different...little did we realize that they would be us in a few years! I DO remember my supervisor stopping in from the main office about 15 miles away, and I was telling him about an "older man" that had been in asking about a produce thing...he said, "An elderly man?" And, I stupidly said yes, since I was about 21. He said how old? I said, wow, maybe 30?...He just looked at the store manager, & all of a sudden I got it! "You're not 30, are you, Craig?" I'm lucky I still had a job after that...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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