Friday, April 17, 2009

sunny again!!

I can hardly wait til there's leaves on all these trees!! But at least there's a blue sky and sun!! And that's good enough for me in April!!

Well, things are finally starting to move with the tysabri! I called my neuro's assistant this morning to ask how it was going, and if they'd had a chance to talk to Biogen about the drug, and side effects, etc. And, holy crap, they've been running with it! A Biogen rep is coming to take the dr and her assistant to lunch Tuesday to go over all of this with them because I'm this doctor's first patient on this drug...a veritable guinea pig, if you will! Lol!! So I have to go to her office that afternoon and fill out the papers and stuff, and after that, I'm not sure...but at least it's getting started! How in the world do timid people deal with health problems? I mean, I'm not mean or demanding, but I follow up on things that I need them to do. And on stuff I want to try! Because if I hadn't done all the research on this, I'd have no choice but to get a shot every day! Seriously, you just have no choice but to be pro-active about this kind of stuff...but, the big thing you also have to do is always be nice! Because I know every time I talked to a customer that called in to GTE to make billing arrangements, well, if they treated me nice, they were usually surprised at how helpful I was! (and the reverse is also true...).

I was thinking back about the Easter times I was a produce manager...this was always a fun time of year in my department! Big fresh asparagus displays, huge sweet potato & yam displays...the year in Fostoria when I was about 21, and I was a big flirt (yes, yes, I was...). There was a really cute guy that was in a lot, & I was stocking the potato soon as his cart got within a few feet of me, I tossed a sweet potato in it. He jumped kinda and said "Hey! What was that for?" I just smiled and told him that was a 'yambush'...and be careful when you get back toward the meat department, I'm hearing they're planning a 'hambush'...;-D

Then there was the year at a different store where I got to be the Easter bunny! Now THAT was fun! They had a big bunny costume that I got to wear and kids came in & sat on my lap & told me what they wanted in their Easter baskets (besides grass & eggs), and I gave each kid a chocolate bunny & the cashier would take a Kodak picture for them! And the best part of that day was when Mom & Dad had brought Tif up to the store to see the Easter bunny...and she had NO IDEA it was me! She was in the fifth grade, so she was kinda old for that & didn't 'believe in' the EB anymore, but Mom made her sit on my lap anyway, cuz "Just one more year, Tiffany, just do it for Grandma?" That did turn out to be a great picture! And luckily, there wasn't one kid that peed on me!! Tif found out it was me when she went running back to my department to find me, and when she stuck her head in my back room, just saw the black stockboy back there doing my job.

Later that year, I had ordered bedding plants to sell. I built a big display outside to put them on, out of skids & milk crates...very complicated :-) . But anyway, I had about 300 flats out there, and they looked awesome. About an hour before I was gonna leave, I connected the hose outside to water them...I was in the middle of watering them when the store manager (jerkhead!) came flying out the door and said "Libby, you're spraying water all over the windows!" Oh my God! I just looked at him and said, "'s just..water...not sure if you've ever noticed, but, the windows get rained on sometimes, too...they've never melted or anything..." A couple months after that, we got a different manager because all of us department heads had gotten together & gone to the head office in Lima and threatened a 'mutiny' if they didn't replace Jeff!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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