Wednesday, May 13, 2009

hairs cut...again!

Yay!! It's getting warm & colorful here!! I took all these pictures last Tuesday, when I actually did go vote, believe it or not. Only one thing to vote on, and it failed miserably...but I did my part.

And just look and admire my beautiful wise and dignified cat looking out the window! I don't get pictures of him when he's looking "un-dignified" and silly, you know...that'd just be wrong to post those!

I went to my friend's "chop shop" (hair salon, lol!) yesterday, and she trimmed my hair back the way it was. I also took the picture of me, Mom, Dad, & my 2 brothers in...she just stood still & kept saying oh my God, Libby, this is when we started running around together! I thought she was gonna cry. But Mom & Dad were a big part of her life too, cuz she said she never would've ever had a vacation, especially out of Ohio, if she didn't go with us! We started going over our memories together, and I had only remembered her flying to the condo in Naples with us (not our condo, one of Dad's business friends'!). And not only did we get to use their condo, we also got to drive their big white convertible! I had forgotten about that! And I'd forgotten the time she got up early one morning, and was trying to help Mom, cuz she's always been nice like that, you know...anyway, she unloaded the dishwasher and put all the dishes away...then we all got up, and Mom had to tell H "Thanks..but, those dishes were dirty...I didn't run the dishwasher yet..." hahahaha! Y'know what, though? Mom was always one of those people that pretty much washed the dishes before they went in the dishwasher, anyway!
And I forgot that she went up to Dad's friend & his wife's house up on Lake St Clair with us! They had a huge house on the lake next door to the yacht club/country club, on the other side was a family whose back yard from house to lake was a huge "bird aviary"...and that was LOUD!! And I used to stand in the yard with binoculars & just stare out at all the big ships going by...and it was around that time that "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" was popular. Still to this day, that song makes me cry when it comes on in November. I always wonder if I might've seen that ship at some point...
H also went on vacation over to the lodge in Pennsylvania with us. It was called 'Bass Rock' (odd that I still remember that, isn't it?). I guess it was leased from Seven Springs by the company that used to let us use it (Dad was a buyer, not a salesman...buyers get more 'favors' than Anyway, she jogged my memory on that, because that was a huge, sprawling cabin, with about 5 or 6 bedrooms, besides the main master bedroom, and the whole thing was, well it was a log cabin, but not the size you think of when you think that phrase! It had a huge pond out back with a dock, which is where I learned that fish like 'Chicken In A Biskit' crackers! And a big walk-out basement with a couple Jeeps & a couple of snowmobiles, and an enormous freezer down there that was always stuffed with steaks & hamburgers, and everything else! She remembered that somebody had super-glued a quarter to the floor, and Dad already knew about it (we all did), and told H "Hey, there's a quarter! Will you get that for me, it must've fallen out of my pocket!" And she tried, but, of course...If I didn't know better, I'd say Dad glued it there, cuz he was always a guy that liked stuff like that!
And I confessed to her that I'd always had a HY-UGE crush on her older brother! He never got married, doesn't have kids (that she knows of??), and lives in Florida, and he's 4 years older than us, but H says he looks 30! And always introduces her as his big sister! (well, he used to be cute & nice...)
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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