Saturday, May 23, 2009

Harshin' my mellow, man!

OMG!! When is the last time you ever heard anybody use that phrase seriously?? I know I was probably 8 or so, and I heard Bro tell one of his friends over at our house, "Hey, man, don't harsh my mellow!" I was going out to the kitchen today when Glenn Beck was on, and I heard the phrase "cap & trade", then I heard Glenn say "Don't harsh my mellow"...I just about died laughing right then!! Seriously, I just gave up & sat down in the middle of the hallway and laughed for about 5 minutes!
I had one of my favorite dreams last night. Is everybody like me in this regard?...You know, most of the time my dreams are just regular, mundane things (well, except for that one...)lol! And sometimes I have a dream about the same places, over & over, on & off, for years!
Last night I dreamed I was driving my car (yeah, my old one, the 1980 Honda Civic...I loved that car!!) and I remember driving up to the town up north that I used to work at...then I was driving over about 20 miles west to the place we all used to get drunk at, & I went in a bar & had a beer, Then I came out & drove around town, marveling at all the changes there...then I went further west, and ended up in Fort Wayne, cruising all over there. I even remember which highways and streets I was on! And I could walk (I always can in my dreams...isn't that funny?), so I remember stopping and going into a mall, getting some clothes, and then a huge milkshake, and going back out to the car & leaving. And the same billboard was there on the way out of town that had a picture of a beautiful black baby girl, about 3 years old, that said "Who killed my baby???" That billboard was there the last time I was over there for real. I remember it most because Tif pointed at it & asked me what it said...she was about 5 then...I think she could read it, but couldn't understand how do you explain that when YOU don't understand it?
So that was pretty much one of the best dreams...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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