Friday, May 08, 2009

more neat stuff from "long ago & far away"...

Wow...I never saw these pictures before the other day, when I was looking through the big bin of pictures Bro brought over on Easter! That's Mom with, I think, my oldest uncle, in the top picture, and maybe my youngest uncle in the bottom picture. The youngest uncle is Boo's dad! Obviously, Mom was the oldest...she has one younger sister too. But, honestly, I never realized
how exactly much I looked like Mom...especially my chin! And the bottom picture is Grandpa & Grandma...and I can see my face in Grandma's face, too! So, happy mother's day to all!!
Has anyone ever done something to you that you thought, at the time, was incredibly rude and "they'll regret doing this!" Well, maybe it was for the best in the long run, and you just didn't know it then. Lemme explain...
One Monday, when I worked an hour north, I was out doing my normal Monday price checks around town. I came walking out of one store, and a really HOT guy was standing in the parking lot, leaning against my car. I recognized him, of course, he shopped at my store all the time, but I'd never had the guts to really talk to him, I just silently stared and drooled after my routine "hi" see, if you look back at old pictures of George Michael in the 80's, that was the exact duplicate of this guy! Super-white teeth & all! And perfect butt, too...anyway...we talked in the parking lot for awhile, then he said he lived in the apartments by the reservoir, and we decided to go over there and talk, cuz it wasn't really comfortable to me to be standing in the parking lot of one of 'my' competitors' stores, having a lot of 'my' customers walking past me & talking to me! So we ended up going to his place, and just hanging out there for a couple hours (yes, we did could I say no to those perfect white teeth? c'mon!!). We decided to go out that Saturday night to Lima. And I was like a celebrity to the co-workers I hung out with all week! lol! Saturday morning I was unloading my produce truck. It wasn't like I had any automatic stuff, it was all hand-unload, and the drivers' job was to get the product to the back of the truck, my job to get the case/bale/whatever it was off the back and to my cooler, or wherever it was going. (cold job in the winter!). About halfway through, Mr White Teeth's head popped up between the truck & the doorway, and he said he was really sorry to have to do this, but...(I ALWAYS hate it when there's a big ol' but at the end...), and he explained how he & his ex-girlfriend had gotten back together, then he gave me a dozen roses (I think they were yellow, which is great, that means friends)...disappointment, hello! That really did suck, but, in retrospect, didn't he do it in the kindest way possible? Really, I haven't met many men who can do something like that to this day, and look you in the eye and tell you the truth!! Honestly, I think a guy's relationship to the truth is a negative part of having a penis! Okay, can any other woman say they had a guy break a date in such a classy way?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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