Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Spring is finally here...I hope!!

And this is Tif & my grand-dog, Lily! And just so nobody gets a weird-ass idea here, this is NOT Tif's tongue here, she's just babying Lily "Give Mommy a kiss, honey" It's always been fine with her if her dog licks her mouth...don't look at me, I didn't teach her that! Lily's always done everything Tif tells her to...Tiff even tells her "Get your tail, Lily, come on, bring it to Mommy!", & Lily will chase her tail around, and she'll finally grab it, and, OMG, you oughtta see her trying to take it to Tif!
I was tagged by Ricardo , the prolific author & actor, to do a "ten true things about me"...well, if you read this blog much, you probably'll already know them, but I'll try for ten new & improved things...
1. I was the youngest and the only girl, so, yes, I was a Godawful spoiled child. The last Thanksgiving dinner that Bro & G & I were all at together with Mom, we were talking about how much trouble each of us was, but I had TWO trump cards...not only was I more trouble by myself than the two of them together, I was the only one who got pregnant before I graduated! :-/
2. I've only had one car accident in my life that was my fault. And, really, I don't think that was MY fault at all, it was the Jeep Cherokee's that I was driving...I had my foot completely off the gas, on the way to the brake, but the truck kept accelerating, and slammed into the line of cars that was at the light to turn into the WalMart plaza...which actually meant that it turned out to be a 6 car accident! :-/ again.
3. All of the years I worked, they were all an hour north of this town, but I always lived in this town. Up until I worked at GTE in this town (a desk job...bleeaahhhh!), I was a produce manager in different towns north of here, and those were the best years of my life! And an hour drive north on rt 23 was way different than driving south to Columbus! There were days that it was so quiet & peaceful on the drive up, I used to see quail flying over the road, one time I saw a little red fox trotting alongside the road in a ditch beside me! No such things as traffic jams going north!
4. The most I ever weighed in my life was...138...the Friday before I had Tif. Which actually was a 40 lb weight gain from when I got pregnant as a senior in high school.
5. I've never ever lived in the country. Never ever wanted to. Never ever will! Even before I had ms, and needed to be in town where there are sidewalks to ride my scooter on (even though I'm usually on side streets, & I'm in the street anyway). I always liked living on one of the major streets in town, even when I was little. I liked going up to my grandma's farm on Sunday afternoons, after Sunday dinner, but I liked knowing that I was coming home that night too! I used to stay overnight with my cousin, Boo, sometimes, but I could never get to sleep because it was too quiet! Boo lived about 1/4 mile from Grandma's, just up the road and around the corner. And I remember the time her mom brought her down here to stay overnight with me, she couldn't sleep cuz it was too loud!
6. And one of the first guys I ever met at the first store I transferred up there to work at was a guy that Boo knew!! This town was about 20 miles from where she lived, and I couldn't believe she knew him. Okay, here's how our conversation went...
me: You know Pee-Pee?? (that was his nickname)!
Boo: Are you kidding?? I almost killed him once with my car!
me: On purpose?
Boo: Don't be goofy! I was coming home from a bar in Tiffin, and I was turning onto my road, and he was standing in the middle of the road...peeing! I had to stop and wait for him to finish, and 'shake off'!!
*pause for appropriate laughter*
See why those years were the most fun of my life?
7. I've always been a person that loved working Mondays & Saturdays when I ran a produce department. Mondays were the days to go to the other stores in town & do price checks, so I could lower my prices under everyone else's by a penny. (cheap mental trick, but it worked!) Saturdays were nothing but fun! I loved working when so many people were in shopping!
8. My alarm used to go off at 5:30 am every morning, and I was able to take a shower & blow-dry my hair & wake Tif up & feed her a bowl of cereal & take her to her babysitter's every morning, and be on my way up rt 23 by 7:00 am, and be clocking in at work at 8 am.
9. One of the funniest things we did was went to a company picnic at a park up by Tiffin. All of my friends & I got together and 'ganged up' on the company president's son (yeah, he was WAY hot...oh, & rich too!), and we silly stringed him so much he couldn't walk!!
10. Another time, we all went to a company day at Cedar Point. The hottie was there too with a date (of course!), and she ended up being a total bitch to all of us, because we were all referring to her as relation to the fact that we all said he was 'a Ken doll'...needless to say, that relationship sank like a rock.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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