Sunday, May 17, 2009

M&M's & pound cake & Fritos, oh my!

Okay, that title of this post is my three-course dinner I'm having tonight...actually, I guess that would be my 3 course dessert I'm having now...huh...and I'm still fighting to break 100 lbs!

I have been wanting that "cute but psycho" sweatshirt for a few years! Someday I'll break down and buy it. And, I admit it...when I'm a grandma, if Tif has boys, I'll be that cat!! I may say I'm fearless, but...little boys...*shudder*.

I hafta admit it...yeah, I'm a bit of a "fluff"...Tif gave me a gift card to a tanning salon for Mother's Day, and since heat just makes all ms symptoms worse by about 100..she knows that and picked this place specifically because they have a booth where you can get a 'spray-on' tan! That tanning place is right next door to H's salon, so I went in to check it out after she cut my hair. I talked to the girl that runs the place, and it turns out that I really can't do the spray-on thing because there's nothing for me to hang on to, you just have to stand in the middle of the room...and I do NOT have the balance to do that! Well, that girl takes care of a woman with ms too, so she knows exactly how disappointed I was, so she stood by the counter with me and we talked about all the options I have, and I bought some things of sunless tanner & some moisturizer...the sunless tanner is the same stuff that's used by the spray-on thing, and I used it today, and OMG, I love it!! I've used sunless tanning lotion before, but this is SO much better than anything I've used before! Everything I've used before was a lotion, and runny, but this stuff is the consistency of toothpaste, almost! I love's mystic sun (& it's expensive as hell, was a PERFECT mother's day present!). Sheesh, it feels good to be 'tan' again! Seriously, when I worked at the grocery store here in town, it was in the WalMart plaza, and I used to walk a few doors down and go tanning 3 times a week after work! *sigh*...those were the days...that was the best part of the day, after being at work and running around all day, then go get in a tanning bed and sleep for 20 minutes!

I called Biogen again yesterday, to see how soon I can get started on tysabri...she said about a month, and I told her the reason I'm getting really impatient is because I've talked to someone there once a week for a month, and every week they've given me the same answer, why? (not rude, just impatient, you know?). She looked it all up on her computer, and they're still getting the nurses here trained, and everything & trying to figure out a schedule for me to do this...errggghhh...she said if I want to start earlier, they can fix it so I can get my first one at the other hospital, but I said no, thanks again, but now I want to be here to get it, not a half hour or hour away. So, obviously...if you have to be stubborn, you also have to have patience and be nice...
Oh! The girl that runs the tanning place took my name and address for the gift card redemption. When I said Libby B----, she said, "You're Tiffany's mom?" See? She's almost famous! I love living here. Now if she does anything bad, I'm pretty sure I'll be one of the first to hear about it! As a matter of fact, that's how she always got busted when she was a teenager...somebody would see her doing something she shouldn't, and call us, and when she got home...'course, she never really did anything really bad, just tried to smoke a cigarette or something. She told me forever ago that when she was in 6th grade and stayed overnite with a friend, they sneaked out of her house in the middle of the night. They walked around the block a few times, and then went back & crawled back in the window, because it was "boring, Mom!" I thank God for her every day! Cuz if she was like I was, holy shit!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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