Sunday, October 12, 2008

...Rogues Hollow revisited...

What an awesome weekend it was! If I would've ordered the weather, it couldn't have been any better!! These are pictures I took on the way up there...we took his son and a friend just cuz he's starting them off right, ya know? But we had it planned the right way, to get over there in the daytime, and mess around in the hollow all day, then go get dinner, then go back after it got dark!

Can anyone really believe how blue the sky is? I got tons of cool pictures all day, of the clouds, and everything. Because, of course, it was more of the two 'grownups' *said with a giggle*, deciding, "Hey, that looks neat! Let's stop here and poke around!" These few pictures were taken in, I think, Smithville, Ohio? That makes sense, anyway, since this whole thing is a big display of life around a village blacksmith..there's an outhouse with 2 seats side-by-side in it! WTF?? Don't know about you, but, personally, I wouldn't think that would be a big hot date place...

Actually, we got gas in Smithville on the way home after our 23rd anniversary visit to Crybaby Bridge in Rogues Hollow. And we paid $2.59 a gallon!! This year!! But when we got back here, an hour & a half southwest, the prices here were like 2.89 a gallon!! Wow, guess who said, "Nahh, you don't hafta stop here, just get it when we get back to town." was wrong...just don't tell anyone, okay?

Yeah, we had a really good time this weekend...Unfortunately, I'm not going into the whole thing of crybaby bridge now...I'll get there, but I'm thinking about other stuff today. I got up around 8:30 today, and was watching the M & J show on ABC, and they had lots of women on there that were overweight. They also had doctors & a psychiatrist/psychologist on, and they were talking about how overeating is an addiction, and to beat one addiction, you need to replace it with another. Hmmmm...What before overeating was the biggest 'social gaffe' in public? All together everyone...SMOKING! So the general population turned away from cigarettes to food? Well, look around. That's kinda what it looks like. I know there are truly people who can't physically lose weight for one reason or another, no matter how little they eat. That's NOT who I'm talking about here! I'm talking about the people who just eat as a habit...or addiction. Nope, don't take up smoking to lose weight! Just take up the good habit of exercising to replace the bad one of overeating or smoking. Sure, it's hard. But it's really worth it. Anything worth doing is hard, LIFE is hard! Deal with it!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

...or, to quote Kid Rock..."Life's a bitch, but I deal with it!"


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